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Dysport Side Effect on Cheeks

To reduce wrinkles around the eye area. i have...

to reduce wrinkles around the eye area. i have maintained a pretty good facial regimen over the last 10 years and wanted to take advantage of new products available to reduce wrinkles.

i had dysport injections around my eye area and am experiencing swelling in my cheek bones. i have very high defined cheek bones and it appears to have inflammation balls on the tips of my cheeks. you can feel the fluid. doctor gave me anti inflammatory meds to take. i am concerned!

Photos would sure help diagnose your issues Dr. B
I am going through a very similiar situation. I had Dysport done on my forehead and under my eyes on Dec. 2, 2009 and have swollen checks and two large areas about an inch and half below each eye were it looks like the skin has dropped and making those spots also look swollen. Those areas have also caused more really deep lines in face that just look horrible. Almost two months now my face has looked like this and no sign of it going away. I am so sorry I ever used this product. I have seen two other Dermo's about this and no one has any answers for me. They say it should go away but they didn't know for sure.
Need more medical info of you. Age, meds taking, medical issues. Than need amount in units injected of Dysport. How long ago where the injections? The exact placement of the needle sticks. So you see very hard to get a reason and if you should be concerned. It sounds like you paid too much for only around your eyes treatment. Usually with Dysport about 20 to 25 units are needed. The retail usually is $20 to $25 per unit. So you can do the math. The fee in MIAMI or that I charge is at most $525 range. Await your response. PS BTW your doctor is a internist not a derm or plastic. Maybe it is a good lesson for you. Do research on the doctors whom you pick. Regards and sorry for your issues. Dr. Darryl J. Blinski, Plastic Surgeon in MIAMI
Anitha Reddy

because of the swelling i am experiencing

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