My Teeth Are So Much Whiter - Tampa Bay, FL

The procedure was pain free and my teeth got a lot...

The procedure was pain free and my teeth got a lot whiter. For the rest of the day my teeth were very sensitive and hurt quite a bit but all pain & discomfort was gone by the next day.

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teeth look healthier and more attractive

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Thanks. I think it took less than an hour and a half total. They did some prep work (to protect the gum and lips) then applied the bleach. After that I just sat underneath a lamp for about an hour (with 2 breaks in between).
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That doesn't sound that bad. Hopefully they gave you a movie or something to watch. :) Thanks for the update.


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Hi Tampa,

Welcome to the community. So happy everything went well and the pain only lasted a day. How long did the overall procedure take and what does it entail? Please keep us updated and pictures would be great if you have them.

Thanks so much,


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