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I did laser hair removal of chin and now I have...

I did laser hair removal of chin and now I have some plack spots of hair not removed, I look like a freak :-/
What do I to, do I go on with the 2nd treatment, I cant stop now...
The laser hair removal was painful for me, and I have some oooz going out of my chin for 1 week. Shoul I continue or should I stop, I want to stop but not wit those black hair lines on my upper chin.


Hi, I'm sorry it seems you didn't research too well before spending money on the laser...There is no way to control what hairs are in the correct growth phase at the time of treatment..the only way you will know is when they die and fall out. That's why after receiving laser you will have patches of hair, and bald spots. You must continue treatments if you want all the hair to fall out. It will grow in thinner in some areas and stop growing all together in other areas. It is a process and takes lots of time. I'm going to start getting laser again come winter to get rid of the rest of my hair ahha. Luckily it's all thin and sparse now so not too much of a bother like before. :) Good luck! Keep going to treatments!!
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After each treatment it takes about 2 weeks for all the hair that received enough energy to fall out. If after 2 weeks u have some patches that never fell out that are very noticeable just ask ur tech if she can spot tx them for you so they'll fall out as well and you'll be able to make it till ur next treatment confidently. I do that for my clients all the time.
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Hello...I am a licensed medical/oncology esthetician and I am brand new to this web site. I do have a few questions. Did you have a thorough consultation and hair/skin analysis prior to your treatment? What type of laser was used? Was a patch skin tested? Exactly how many laser treatments have you had already in your chin area? It is extremely important to be treated by either an MD, nurse, and/or someone who has not only a lot of education and training, but hands on training and continuing education. While laser hair removal is very common, safety should be the number one priority and should never be compromised. Is your laser technician aware of the oozing? DO NOT PICK. I would be concerned of an infection and you should absolutely not receive any laser treatments on the area until your skin is fully healed. Are you on any antibiotics for this? You mention how painful the laser felt. It should be relatively painless. Was a topical anesthecia applied? Hair grows in three stages - anagen, catagen, telagen, and these stages are the same for hair all over the body. ew hair. Hair can be in any stage simultaneously, as hair can be in any stage, which is why some hairs do not remove right away, resulting in patches. This is the probable cause for the black hair spots you are seeing. This is also why laser hair removal can take a few treatments to see the full affect. I hope my questions and answers are of some help. Just remember DO NOT PICK, let your skin heal, and contact whoever did your laser treatments ASAP regarding the oozing.
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