Chop-chop! Currently 32GG, Hoping for a B Cup..- Tallinn, Estonia

I had a breast reduction 9 years ago, but they...

I had a breast reduction 9 years ago, but they only too 200g from each breast and after 2 children (and breastfeeding) my boobs are so big again! And the surgeon did a bad job with my boobs, changed the nipple position, but left some of the nipple skin in the seam that goes from nipple to under. So when it is cold, the nipple gets pointy and also the nipple "material" in the seam gets harder and then it seems like I have 2 nipples. Hard to describe, I hope you get the picture.

So now I am waiting for my second operation. I am very scared that the doctor wont make my boobs as small as I want. I want to be a B cup, or a small C. But I will be extremely dissapointed when I end up with anything larger. And this makes me very anxious. But I only have 2 days to wait and then it'll be done.

I am not scared about the recovery, the first time it was very easy, no pain at all. I even drove home the next day. This time the hospital is 300 meters from my house, so I'll walk :)


Bring pictures with you to the op, and a padded bra the size you wish to fit into. This should give the PS a good idea of what you mean. And I agree, you're so petite that a B cup would do nicely. Best of luck with the surgery, let us know how it went!
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I asked my ps to please make me small as safely as possible. I am 63 and had terrible back pain. He said he would try to honor my wishes without compromising blood flow to nipples and skin integriy. I went from a 38ddd(bulging out) to a 36 c. This is the best decision I have ever made. Good luck to you
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So, I had my surgery on Saturday, I am very happy...

So, I had my surgery on Saturday, I am very happy to say that I am currently in a 34B bra! Yay! Doctor said he took out 575g from left and 585g from right breast + 100ml liposuction from both sides. I am in minimal pain. Would even say it is not pain, but discomfort. Right now my boobs are very high and hard, but already getting softer each day. I am so glad, I think I got exactly what I wanted, but the end result is not visible yet.


congrats on your surgery
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You look great. Looks like you got your wish, nice and small, look perfect
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Congratulations on the results :) They look great, and a very nice size. Rest well.
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