Not Worth It: Terrible Recovery and a Waste of Time/money - Taipei, Taiwan

After experiencing poor results from 4 Fraxel...

After experiencing poor results from 4 Fraxel restore sessions I decided to try the Yag laser to help with acne scars and crow's feet.

It was a complete waste of time and money. Like the Fraxel restore laser, the Yag brightened my complexion and removed sun damage but that was it. No improvement on the crow's feet or acne scars. My dermatologist said "more sessions needed" but I've decided do go with the advice of another Doctor and get a Phenol peel instead.

The recovery for the Yag laser is also brutal. Your need to take at least 6 days off work as your face weeps, crusts, and peels while forming a new skin. A very gooey, messy, and gross experience.

Hi redheadinher30s,

Welcome to the community. Wow, the recovery from the Yag does not sound fun, was it painful?  Your review will be very useful to the community. Please keep us updated and let us know when you have the next peel.



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Like fraxel restore, my Doctor promised that the Yag would help with fine lines and acne scars. At fist when my face had swelling the lines and scars disappeared. However, once the swelling went down the lines and scars returned.

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