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As a 25 year old female, one wouldn't think I...

As a 25 year old female, one wouldn't think I would be a typical candidate for Rogaine - and I wasn't. I visited a hair transplant surgeon because I had a bald spot on my scalp from hair being ripped out a few years back and because my hair had been receding due to hypothyroidism. He suggested that I first use Rogaine 5% foam to improve my condition before going ahead with a more invasive procedure. The first few weeks were fine, I had noticed my fine hairs thickening, and I knew that if I had stopped using Rogaine, the results would disappear. Hence, I continued. As weeks went by, I noticed my skin was increasingly sensitive and flaky. Ah, perhaps it is my moisturizer. So I changed to the best, yet skin remained dry and flaky. Then dryness under the eyes became quite noticeable - these quickly turned into dark hollows under the eyes in a matter of weeks. I had dedicatedly been using the Rogaine morning and night, and not until dandruff occurred in my switch from foam to liquid that I made the connection between the ailment of my skin and the Rogaine. After all, our skin is the largest organ
of our body.
After I had terminated its use, my skin has improved slightly - only the flakiness and sensitivity - but all else has remained. The dark circles under my eyes and a loss of elasticity. I choose not to show photos for privacy purposes.
On a good note, my hair has remained full where I had been putting the Rogaine. However, if anything, I would rather have balding hair than look 5-10 years older than my real age. Depending how the Rogaine is stored in my body, it could take months to years to restore to my former self. My fear is that it may be permanent or damaging.

Please, a note to women, read as many reviews and side effects as you can before starting this product. There is a reason why Rogaine states women should not use it; unfortunately they don't care to elaborate why.


You're welcome! Supposedly, it takes just as long to reverse the benefits of Rogaine's hair growth (not yet sure if through rapid shedding or mere termination of growth) as it does to gain it's positive effect. I.e. If you use it for 3 months, it will take 3 months to "un-do" it. So before my two months of enjoying it are over, I will be returning to the hair transplant center from which I came to discuss my other (and original) options.

The original reason I went to the surgeon, and the reason I'll be returning, was primarily to discuss a new, non-surgical option for hair growth: A-Cell and PRP (platelet rich plasma) injections into the scalp. From what understand, both (which are made from your blood) activate adult stem cells in the area to improve the size and health of miniaturized hair follicles on the scalp. They say it takes 4-8 months to see peak results and it is permanent once done. However, it is still a young study, so the long-term side effects are still fairly unknown. I'll be writing a review once I go through with that.

If the ACell fails, well, I guess my last resort is a hair transplant to the area where my hair had been ripped out. But hopefully that won't have to happen!
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Ooh, I've heard of PRP but never seen it used on the scalp. That's really interesting stuff! Time for me to do more reading. :)

Thanks for writing such a helpful review. I had no idea women weren't supposed to use Rogaine; on the contrary, I've seen doctors recommend it. :-/ So have you found something that works yet, or are you happy enough with the results that you don't need anything else?

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The dark circles under my eyes are still there,...

The dark circles under my eyes are still there, and now nasolabial folds are starting to form. I look much better than I did at the peak of my use, however, I am certain I will never look like I did prior to the Rogaine, which is unfortunate.

The substance that makes Rogaine (minoxidil) was originally used for men to treat high blood pressure. One side effect of the usage was regrowth in hair, and so they developed it into a hair regrowth product. What I now realize is that I most likely developed severe hypotension from the Rogaine - which explains the pallor of my skin, lightheadedness, and the shallow breathing. Low blood pressure equals little blood being pumped to the veins or arteries, hence very little to the skin.

Before going on Rogaine, make sure you consult your general practitioner to check your blood pressure level. I'm surprised that Rogaine is not a prescription based product, and angered that they do not mention the risk of hypotension - overuse can generate serious health problems, and if not diagnosed in time, can cause permanent damage to the organs.

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The under eye bags are now starting to get a...

The under eye bags are now starting to get a little bit better. The loss of elasticity of my skin (mostly due to pore enlargement from the hypotension) has not improved, however. I've been trying to keep my face as clean and hydrated as possible as not to exacerbate it.

I called Rogaine to report the side effects and push for them to add risk of hypotension on the label, in which they were extremely cordial. They will be reimbursing me for the $60 I had spent, which I appreciate.

Hopefully the label change will come through and no more women or men will understand that any adverse affects from the Rogaine could possibly be correlated to hypotension and nothing else.

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*Oops, correction in last paragraph - meant to say...

*Oops, correction in last paragraph - meant to say "...and *more* women *and* men will understand..."

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My face is still quite gaunt. A friend who had...

My face is still quite gaunt. A friend who had seen me only prior to my Rogaine use saw me for the first time today and was shocked at how "skinny" my face is right now. I'm eating a lot as well, which makes me wonder if the Rogaine contributed to facial fat atrophy. Posted are some pictures of before Rogaine, and during. I will post after pictures later.


Hello ! I´m writting you from Spain I hope you understand my poor English Juliabars, by this time , did skin damage improved for you? How is it going? I´m a 41 old woman, who nobody never thought I was my age when I said it. ( Before using Minox). I´ve been on Minox for 3 years. (I stopped 4 months ago) and switch to a natural remedy. My face definitely got an important Minoxidil damage.. I´ve always had lot of fat face, nice cheeks, full face. I have now a sunken face, with no cheeks, marked nasolabial wrinkles, shagging, puffed eyes, and I would say caursing features . I think I´ve lost more than a 50% fat from my face. I´ve got a completely spoiled skin, not alive , dry, but whith some milliums and black marks, big pores.... etc . Horrible. When I meet people who haven´t seen me in 2 or 3 years they look amazed and say " You´ve lost a lot of wheigth. But I´havent. I have 2 or 3 more kilograms than my ussual. I knew this was not a Normal proccesing aging. Yesterday and after 9 months of research ( when I firts realize the huge changes in my face) I magically found through internet " Than Minoxidil had the fault!. I´m completelly convinced now. Yes, Minoxidil inhibit collagen formation , and I vitro showed to kill collagen existent cells. Does anybody recovery with the past of the time? How long did it take? What it has been helpfull? Juliabars, many thanks for this contribution , and I wonder myself, by this time , did face damage improved ? How is it going? Eva
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Sorry , I made a mess with the copy and paste!
I just started using Rogaine 5% 2 weeks ago. The first thing I noticed was my ears became red and swollen. A few days later my left eye was just about closed and itchy. Now my skin has broken out with hives or just incredibly itchy. Will this pass or should I try smaller doses?
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Had told me there were no side effects he knew of, but I am kindly assuming he's worked with few women of my age let alone women. At the same time, this would surprise me, considering he has been in the practice for over 10 years. Update: I talked with the Doctor again and he made no apology whatsoever. Was very nonchalant about the whole thing. Quite disappointing.

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