Really Considering the Bazilian Butt Lift! - Tacoma, WA

I found the perfect butt... not too big and not...

I found the perfect butt... not too big and not too small... I will have to fly out to GA to get it done but I definitely feel its worth it.. thanks to all the brave women who post their before and after pictures... you all motivate me to get over my fear o surgery and get it done!!! So far I am just saving up for the procedure it will be $10,300 if I choose to finance it or $9,800 if I pay it in cash. Since I would have to fly out to another state to have it done I want to pay it in cash. It gives me time to save money and book a ticket ahead of time.
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Good Luck!!!! Keep us updated
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Good luck
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Good luck! Welcome
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Welcome to the BBL sisterhood lol. I hope your journey is a good one. I had my SX Sept 10,213 and he did a great job so I know you'll be satisfied!
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