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Totally Worth Every Penny! to Die for Lashes Now! - Tacoma, Wa

I am only starting month 2 of Latisse and there is...

I am only starting month 2 of Latisse and there is such an improvement in only one month- I am kinda scared of what I will look like by month 4.

The reason I decided to try this is because my eyes are my best feature and I had sparse, short eyelashes.

I was terrified of the side effect of possible brown eyes as mine are baby blue and I would be very upset if I had to live with brown eyes the rest of my life! (not that I don't love brown eyes, 2 of my kids have brown eyes) I was prepared to stop treatment if it burned or turned my eyes red. I was pleasantly surprised that I did not get one side effect.

My lashes are super long and you can barely see any spots that don't have lashes yet. I can get away with just curling my lashes and not wearing any mascara. And the company keeps sending $20.00 rebates so its affordable for the outcome. I would pay double if needed. So I pay $79.99 each month due to the rebate.

I'm very pleased with Latisse! I had georgeous eyelashes when I was young but picked at them. They got sparse and not nearly as long as they were. Latisse has been a God send. LOVE my results but I'm disapointed to find out that this can be bought under a different name Lumagen? Not sure of the name but an opthomologist could write a prescription and it only costs $10. After all this is how they accidently discovered the side effects of long lashes!

The story of Latisse is actually quite interesting. Lumigan is a medication used to treat glaucoma. At some point they discovered it could also grow eyelashes, so they sought approval for cosmetic use too. Latisse is the cosmetic name for Lumigan. Both are bimatoprost.

oh I forgot to mention that I had eyelash extensions put on a couple different times and I looked like a damn spider! i ripped them off as soon as I got home, which of course ripped out my real ones too- I didn't care. But now I love my lashes-should have done this years ago.
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