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Thermage Ruined my Face - Sydney

I had thermage treatment approx 9 months ago. the...

i had thermage treatment approx 9 months ago. the area that was treated was around my eyes for some laxity which made me look tired. to be honest, i did not find the experience that painful. nor did i see any results instantly or even up until now. however it has left me extremely disatisfied for the following reassons: a. it did not work b. my face gradually started to develop atrophy or loss of fat to the area for which i am now having filler put in c. i have a very noticable area of redness and vascularity on my upper check, one point in particular. i have never ever had this problem and it started to become evident approx three months after treatment and has progressively become worse. i, as a male need to apply make up now to hide it. i am at my wits end what to do. i would never recommend it or have it again. hate what it has done to me.

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there was no problem with the practitioner, just a result of the treatment.

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Thank you Britt,
we must change - better we must reduce radically -our life after Thermage. In our faces we need 1 - 2 times yearly ha injections. Because the lymph tracts under the eyes of my wife are burned she has a lot of problems when the sun shines. And she has a lot of pain. This comes with collagenosis. But medication can not heal this and cause a lot of side effects. So in dec new blood tests take place. And a consultation in an university clinic is agreed upon. Our health will never come back.

For people who want to reed more about rf from doctors, there is a German study "Skin rejuvenation by radiofreqency therapy: methods, effects and risks" (Uwe Paasch et al., Universitätsklinikum Leipzig, 2008. The short but clear Summary of the 6 pages is visible in the Wiley Online Library.
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Thanks for coming back to update us Puzzle.


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If you want the full article, send me a private message - but be warned, I might not see it for months.
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Dear 849994anon,
nearly 4 years ago my wife an I got Thermage treatment in Germany. For both a real desaster. I recommend you and other patients with continuous fat loss to check the possibility of the illness at collagenosis. My wife has very high ANA values (antibodies in the blood). More important is to meet specialized doctors with experience with more patients in collagenosi
s (University or private clinics). Otherwise it's maybe to be judged heavily the damages - not only in the face.
I recommend to copy this lines immediately...
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Good advice Puzzle,

How's everything going now? Thanks for being such an active part of the Thermage community.


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So sorry to hear that you are dissatisfied with you results. Here is some information from our doctor Q&A which might answer some questions. You mentioned you were going to get some filler to fix everything, did you and if so what kind?

Thanks for your post,


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hi britt.
i have both fortelis to my suncken cheek area and esthalis basic around my eyes. this helps but it is the vascular lesions that are most troublsome. i have had NdYag twice with result but it keeps comming back. i am at my witts end as what to do. regards.
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