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Rhinoplasty and Hollow Circles

I under went an open rhinoplasty on 23rd feb 2010....

I under went an open rhinoplasty on 23rd feb 2010. I wanted my tip shortened and a hump removed. My nose loosk different from rigth and left angle =( and not like how i wanted it to but thats okay coz my doctor said he will fix it (but not sure just yet) ='(.. I also have hard hollows under my eyes from my surgery which i got done aproximately 5 months ago =( and they dont seem to get any better =(. I feel so disheartened coz I had always wanted to get a rhinoplasty ever since i was 15 and finally when i got it done it'd not as how i really wouldve liked it and the hollows under my eyes just make me look worse i cant go out without make up =(. I will be seeing my doctor on wednesday but can someone please tell me how to get rid of these hollows?

Were the hollows there before and are exacerbated now? Have you spoken with your plastic surgeon about this?

Hey there I feel your pain...it totally suck when things don't work out. I too had wanted a nose job for years and years and mine didn't turn out great either. I waited 9 months and then my Dr revised it. It's a bit better and I can live with it now, it's way better than what I started with! As for the eyes I don't know what you can really do, I had darkness as well and I just wear make up all the time. It does eventually get better. Hope you get the result you want (especially if you paid $18000!!) I'm in Adelaide and mine only cost $1200 and the revision was free.
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