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First Time Rhinoplasty - Remove Hump - Sydney, AU

On 23.12.13 I went in for Rhinoplasty (combined...

On 23.12.13 I went in for Rhinoplasty (combined with breast augmentation).

I was super concerned about how I would go not being able to breathe through my nose post-op and the pain!

I was also worried about the current sinusitis/cold I felt coming on.

I was so nervous I balled my eyes put when my partner left me and I went into the patient area pre op.

The nurses reassured me that I would natural start to breathe through my mouth, they would give me pleanty of water and they would put vasiline on my lips post op. They were a blessing and so was my anaethatist!

Post op I was FINE! No pain and I could breathe BETTER through my nose than before!

I woke to a splint, cast, plastic support work inside my nose literally ALL the eay up my nostrils on both sides, gauze on the end of my nose and a big bleed pad which wrapped around my ears.

The pad which wrapped around my ears was the most uncomfortable due to it pulling on my ears.

When my partner arrived to collect me I was wide awake and very chatty. I asked him what I looked like and to take a photo. I looked like a vampire hahahhaaha pale but only with one set of bruising under my eye and bearly any swelling. Lucky me!

I couldn't see my nose and still won't until 2/1 (splint removal).

Initially I was so worried my nose looked shorter and now I love that the tip is shorter.

My breathing has gotten better. I have days where the congestion and packing internal/external drives me mad, and I have to be cautious of everything I eat to ensure it isn't chewy (displace the bones).

My nose has been getting itchy and burning around the stitches as the days have passed.

I have continued with cleaning with sailene solution and applying bactropan oitment (prescriped), and finished my pain meds, and meds to prevent a nose infection yesterday.

Continuing with the stuffiness, difficulty breathing and burning/itching but I assume that's all normal.

I am excited for 2/1 but nervous about the pain of having the internal/external packing removed and my nose swelling up once free from the cast.

On 2/1 I had the splint removed and it didn't hurt at all! Even removing the internal packing didn't hurt.

When I first saw my nose I didn't like it at all. It looked so straight and long. It was, to be honest, hard to recognise myself. My partner also thought it may have been a bit crooked.

I thought I'll get home, put makeup on and then judge it.

My Surgeon taped my nose before we left and for the following 2 weeks that I had to tape my nose for 24hrs I was fine, my breathing was good and I would only get stuffy every now and then.

Once I had to remove the tape (9/1) and have a "naked" nose 24hrs my whole perception changed! From Thursday (9/1) to yesterday I really struggled. I cried A LOT and I really lost all my confidence.

My partner and my Dad reassured me that it looked better but I just couldn't stop looking at previous photos of my front view, and thinking what have I done. I have felt less attractive and was really struggling.

Today (17/1) I am doing a lot better. I don't stare at my nose all day, I haven't been starring at old photos and when getting ready this morning I tried to look at my entire face rather than focusing on my nose. I am doing much better today and have started to like the view of my nose from my profile. I am still struggling with my front view.

Hopefully as the nerves return and the swelling goes down over the next 12 months I will be happier and happier.

Has anyone else experience the same feelings post op?

Post Op Photos

Post Op - Splint

Post Op - Splint

First week, not much swelling or bruising

Post Op - Split Removed!

Very happy with my profile!

Not so happy with the front view. Tip is very swollen still

Tape Removed!

Serveral weeks ago I stopped tapping my nose for 24hrs and I am now only taping the nose at night.

I am still adjusting to the new me and am happy with my nose.

The swelling at the tip/underneath my nose is still a little "bubble" which gets me down sometimes.

I've read the tip takes at least 6mths and the final result 12-18mths so I am trying to be patient.

My nose still doesn't feel "normal" but at 1mth post op I think everything I am experiencing is normal.

I'm looking forward to my next post op to see whether I can get injections into the tip/bottom

Tape Removed - Photos

5 Weeks Post Op - Swelling & Patience

Where do I begin? I think I've cried more since this op than in my entire life!

I am still struggling with my new nose. I still feel like it has changed my face completely and I still feel like I have a long little sausage on my nose :(

The good news is when I compare my post op photo when my splint was remove to 5 weeks post op, I can see the swelling in my bridge has gone down and my swelling on the sides of my tip are reducing.

The little "bubble" where my incision was made (open rhinoplasty) is still present.

I am trying to be patient and try not to take photos, and look at it all day for the sake of my sanity, my relationship and work.

I cannot wait for 6 mths to a year and I am praying it will get better, and I'll be over the moon. Fingers and everything crossed.

I wouldn't do this again :(

First Post Op Consult - After Splint Removal

I went to see my Surgeon on Tuesday and was completely honest with how I felt.

It was great to talk to him and get it off my chest.

I am certain I am being impatient and having difficulty adjusting to the new me.

He assured me everything is going well and that the surgery had no complications. He said he can give me a shot to assist if I am still quiet swollen in the tip but for now he wants to let it heal naturally. He said it will continue to change all the way up until Dec.

He asked that I please be patient and stop looking at my nose 5 million times a day.

I've really made an effort not to look and try to appreciate, and embrace my new look rather than fight it.

My next post op is on my birthday in April. I am hoping to be much happier.

Here is a before and after photo to date.

6 Weeks Post Op - Photos

7 Weeks Post Op - Photo

7 Weeks Post Op

I have been trying my best to "ignore" my nose and move on with things until my next consult.

I am still having days where I feel really sad about it. My primary concern is the swelling at the base and underneath the tip. I have read that if it is hard it is likely to be swelling. Fingers crossed this is the case.

I have posted a before and after photo at 7 weeks to give you all an update.

Fingers crossed the little "bubble" of swelling reduced over the next 12 months. I can't imagine it was sculpted to be larger than before...

3 Mths Post Op

I am a little over 3 mths post op (23/3) so I thought I would update my photos for those ladies that have been following me.

I think the swelling is going down, ever so slowly, but we are getting there, another 6 mths to go until I see my final result so I am hoping it will continue to improve.

Thank you all for your support xxx

Photos - 3 mths post op

Sydney Plastic Surgeon

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you could be a model for sure & it looks perfect, do not worry about whatever it is you're seeing, just keep reminding yourself that you're focusing in on one spot and everyone else is seeing overall.. any time we zero in on something im sure we can see a flaw there cuz its distorted to just stare at one feature in isolation ha i dont know but did you have your lips done too? :)
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Wow I think your nose is really good already and it will only get better!! You're very beautiful :)
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Thank you Carreram10! I cannot wait for the columella swelling to subside so it doesn't look as pointy. I think a big part of adjusting to rhinoplasty is psychologically adjusting to something on your face you're not use to. Thank you again xx
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Youre so beautiful before & after and both noses, stunning before like an uma Thurman nose, but now it's more like a model nose- Adriana Lima nose lol don't you love my descriptions. I can only see the swelling of tip in one picture. Could that be a bad angle and so close up that it doesn't represent what it really looks like overall.
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Thank you Jmarie7770. Unfortunately that swelling in the tip/columella is there and makes the nose pointy when I smile vs no point previously. My fingers are crossed that it will improve over the 12mths and I will psychological adjust to it, and see all the good that everyone else does :) Thank you again for the compliment x I think we are our own biggest critics
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Hey, remember... I told you to be patient ;) i had the same problem. Sometimes i hated it. One day i woke up and it finally looked better. To me ur nose looks so cute right now .. Imagine 3months down!
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Hahah I definitely do!! I am hoping to feel the exact same way as you in the next couple of months. At the moment, I love it in photos but in day light, the nose looks really solid and round with two little wings (the nostrils) off of it, and when I smile the swelling in the tip, and columella distort the look of it. I am sure as the swelling subsides and the nose continues to heal all of these problems will resolve themselves. I am still LOVING your nose, you look stunning :)
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I understand exactly how you feel, but from a different persons perspective, I really think your nose looks great! You had a highly qualified surgeon so I'm sure he did a great job and like you said, you just need to be patient to see the end results, easier said than done though I know. I'm 5 weeks PO now and still seeing the swelling fluctuate, but seeing it go up and down actually helps me realise that it is still swollen and it isn't the final result. I hope you are starting to see that your nose really does look good. Your before and after photos still look like you, just with a smaller nose, I can definitely see the improvement :-)
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Hi JoM30, Thank you! I tell myself every day that he is the best surgeon and that I still have 10mths to go. It helps not to look in the mirror too often. I'd love to put a note up on the mirror to remind myself except if my partner sees it he will probably kill me for bringing it up again, poor guy!!
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I agree with others that your nose looks really good. It will still improve as swelling subsides. Please don't focus on it too much.
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Thank you darling. I am trying my best for the sake of everything in my life :)
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I personally think your nose is looking gorgeous, really nice and elegant! Reading what you've been going through post op has really made me prepare for what to expect, I think I would probably react the same as you and be stressing over it a lot. I swear that rhinoplasty has got to be the scariest procedure ever...
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I couldn't agree more x You really don't know what you're getting and it is the centre piece of your face. It affects your entire look and your smile. If I had my time around I would look into non surgical options like Silikon-1000. I am sure in 12mths time I will feel completely different :) I hope anyway hahaha
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I'm going through the EXACT same thing you are... I am 7 weeks post op and I have never cried so much in my entire 22 years of living. This has definitely been one of the toughest and hardest experiences I have ever gone through. I think my new nose looks TOTALLY different from before and drastically changes the way I look. My concern is also swelling. I look at photos at least twice a day and it kills me every time! BUT, in all reality, time heals all & both of us just have to be patient. I know it's easier said than done, haha trust me! I personally think your new nose looks amazing and you can see there is still much swelling that has to go down. But if you need someone to talk to you can always message me! :)
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Thank you SO much. I instantly feel better knowing someone understands. I look at it all day and take photos - such a big no no! It is smaller than before but the swelling on the smaller nose is making it lack definition. The strange thing is when I smile the nostrils fare and the swelling under my tip and tip excentuates! :/ It is really sore still and the tip is hard so like you said we just have to be patient. 12 months is a long way away. I am hoping as we both heal it our faces will look more like us and the parts we dislike will settle. I TOTALLY agree with you. It is the hardest thing I've been through. Any research I find I will share with you hun. I've tried going to your profile, will try again xxx
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I think the new nose looks great! Also your teeth are gorgeous, so straight and white!
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Thank you Sunshine! I love it in some photos and some days I am ok with it, I am just struggling with the lack of definition in the tip, and the tip/columella swelling. Thank you for the compliment and the teeth compliment! I had invisalign ended in Dec actually, it was the BEST decision! x How is your progress going?
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Your new nose looks beautiful!!!!! Your being too hard on yourself, you look beautiful
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Thank you sadgal x I am trying my best to see what everyone else sees. I honestly believe I am just having a hard time adjusting and cannot wait for the end of year when hopefully I will feel better. All the best with your surgery xxx I will keep track of how you're doing
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Patience is key, but I know it's hard. For what it's worth, I think you look gorgeous! Thank you for sharing your experience so far.
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Great results! the tip is small and the bridge is straight. Thanks for sharing.
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Thanks Zooster! I am looking forward to the tip looking less rounded when the swelling goes down. Trying to be patient
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You are just beautiful, now you got a cuter nose. Your tip is more refined now. I had the same surgery 2 weeks ago
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Thanks Flyingpasta! I wish I felt the same way. I am hoping when the swelling subsides I have a clearer picture. At the moment is looks very bulbous, I think. Your post op photos look great for 2 weeks post op!!! Congrats :)
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Looking good already
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