On 23.12.13 I went in for Rhinoplasty (combined...

On 23.12.13 I went in for Rhinoplasty (combined with breast augmentation).

I was super concerned about how I would go not being able to breathe through my nose post-op and the pain!

I was also worried about the current sinusitis/cold I felt coming on.

I was so nervous I balled my eyes put when my partner left me and I went into the patient area pre op.

The nurses reassured me that I would natural start to breathe through my mouth, they would give me pleanty of water and they would put vasiline on my lips post op. They were a blessing and so was my anaethatist!

Post op I was FINE! No pain and I could breathe BETTER through my nose than before!

I woke to a splint, cast, plastic support work inside my nose literally ALL the eay up my nostrils on both sides, gauze on the end of my nose and a big bleed pad which wrapped around my ears.

The pad which wrapped around my ears was the most uncomfortable due to it pulling on my ears.

When my partner arrived to collect me I was wide awake and very chatty. I asked him what I looked like and to take a photo. I looked like a vampire hahahhaaha pale but only with one set of bruising under my eye and bearly any swelling. Lucky me!

I couldn't see my nose and still won't until 2/1 (splint removal).

Initially I was so worried my nose looked shorter and now I love that the tip is shorter.

My breathing has gotten better. I have days where the congestion and packing internal/external drives me mad, and I have to be cautious of everything I eat to ensure it isn't chewy (displace the bones).

My nose has been getting itchy and burning around the stitches as the days have passed.

I have continued with cleaning with sailene solution and applying bactropan oitment (prescriped), and finished my pain meds, and meds to prevent a nose infection yesterday.

Continuing with the stuffiness, difficulty breathing and burning/itching but I assume that's all normal.

I am excited for 2/1 but nervous about the pain of having the internal/external packing removed and my nose swelling up once free from the cast.

On 2/1 I had the splint removed and it didn't hurt at all! Even removing the internal packing didn't hurt.

When I first saw my nose I didn't like it at all. It looked so straight and long. It was, to be honest, hard to recognise myself. My partner also thought it may have been a bit crooked.

I thought I'll get home, put makeup on and then judge it.

My Surgeon taped my nose before we left and for the following 2 weeks that I had to tape my nose for 24hrs I was fine, my breathing was good and I would only get stuffy every now and then.

Once I had to remove the tape (9/1) and have a "naked" nose 24hrs my whole perception changed! From Thursday (9/1) to yesterday I really struggled. I cried A LOT and I really lost all my confidence.

My partner and my Dad reassured me that it looked better but I just couldn't stop looking at previous photos of my front view, and thinking what have I done. I have felt less attractive and was really struggling.

Today (17/1) I am doing a lot better. I don't stare at my nose all day, I haven't been starring at old photos and when getting ready this morning I tried to look at my entire face rather than focusing on my nose. I am doing much better today and have started to like the view of my nose from my profile. I am still struggling with my front view.

Hopefully as the nerves return and the swelling goes down over the next 12 months I will be happier and happier.

Has anyone else experience the same feelings post op?

Post Op Photos

Post Op - Splint

Post Op - Splint

First week, not much swelling or bruising

Post Op - Split Removed!

Very happy with my profile!

Not so happy with the front view. Tip is very swollen still

Tape Removed!

Serveral weeks ago I stopped tapping my nose for 24hrs and I am now only taping the nose at night.

I am still adjusting to the new me and am happy with my nose.

The swelling at the tip/underneath my nose is still a little "bubble" which gets me down sometimes.

I've read the tip takes at least 6mths and the final result 12-18mths so I am trying to be patient.

My nose still doesn't feel "normal" but at 1mth post op I think everything I am experiencing is normal.

I'm looking forward to my next post op to see whether I can get injections into the tip/bottom

Tape Removed - Photos

5 Weeks Post Op - Swelling & Patience

Where do I begin? I think I've cried more since this op than in my entire life!

I am still struggling with my new nose. I still feel like it has changed my face completely and I still feel like I have a long little sausage on my nose :(

The good news is when I compare my post op photo when my splint was remove to 5 weeks post op, I can see the swelling in my bridge has gone down and my swelling on the sides of my tip are reducing.

The little "bubble" where my incision was made (open rhinoplasty) is still present.

I am trying to be patient and try not to take photos, and look at it all day for the sake of my sanity, my relationship and work.

I cannot wait for 6 mths to a year and I am praying it will get better, and I'll be over the moon. Fingers and everything crossed.

I wouldn't do this again :(

First Post Op Consult - After Splint Removal

I went to see my Surgeon on Tuesday and was completely honest with how I felt.

It was great to talk to him and get it off my chest.

I am certain I am being impatient and having difficulty adjusting to the new me.

He assured me everything is going well and that the surgery had no complications. He said he can give me a shot to assist if I am still quiet swollen in the tip but for now he wants to let it heal naturally. He said it will continue to change all the way up until Dec.

He asked that I please be patient and stop looking at my nose 5 million times a day.

I've really made an effort not to look and try to appreciate, and embrace my new look rather than fight it.

My next post op is on my birthday in April. I am hoping to be much happier.

Here is a before and after photo to date.

6 Weeks Post Op - Photos

7 Weeks Post Op - Photo

7 Weeks Post Op

I have been trying my best to "ignore" my nose and move on with things until my next consult.

I am still having days where I feel really sad about it. My primary concern is the swelling at the base and underneath the tip. I have read that if it is hard it is likely to be swelling. Fingers crossed this is the case.

I have posted a before and after photo at 7 weeks to give you all an update.

Fingers crossed the little "bubble" of swelling reduced over the next 12 months. I can't imagine it was sculpted to be larger than before...

3 Mths Post Op

I am a little over 3 mths post op (23/3) so I thought I would update my photos for those ladies that have been following me.

I think the swelling is going down, ever so slowly, but we are getting there, another 6 mths to go until I see my final result so I am hoping it will continue to improve.

Thank you all for your support xxx

Photos - 3 mths post op

Getting VERY worried!

Hi Ladies,

I haven't posted these photos because they're so embarrasing but I am getting desperate!

This is my nose, post rhinoplasty, 4mths in.

I have what appears to be pinched nostrils, flary nostrils and a hanging columella. I am not sure if I am correct (especially with the medical terms) but as far as I am aware there is definitely something not right with the tip of my nose.

I saw my surgeon on 8/4 and I kind of thought it was getting better, and he thinks it is progressing well.

He said the swelling in my columella is just swelling.

What do you think? I am thinking of sending his surgery these photos and asking if I can come in for another consult or even looking for a specialist revision rhinoplasty surgeon.

I am really getting worried :(


Here is a photo of my nose from underneath, looks pinched about the nostrils


For those of you that have been following me and especially those that have had rhinoplasty, you'll know how hard it is to cope with swelling, I've stressed over my nose and done endless hours of research.

I wanted to share some of my research with those of you going through the same thing.

Hopefully we can all get through this and move on with our lives being happy! :)


Almost 5 months!

1 month and a few weeks off half way there!

I am hoping at 6mths the swelling in my columella and tip will improve significantly.

My tip, columella and above the tip is still very sore, and tender. I am hoping this is from the amount of work that was done causing so much swelling.

I am still adjusting to my new nose and cannot wait until I have a year behind me.

When I look in the mirror I hate it and in photos (most) it looks better so I do think it's a mind game.

If I could I would never have done it and just embraced me but I've learnt, and I am trying to see the results the way you ladies do x

Trying to make an effort!

Hi Realself Friends!

I've been trying to make an effort to get back to my usual self. Wearing my hair out and getting dressed up.

My columella/tip still looks narrow, droppy and long.

I am hoping this will continue to improve.

I think there is swelling there and I know I have 7 months to go so fingers crossed it improves.

If only I saw it the way everyone else does. Unfortunately it is what we think that matters the most.

I hope you're all doing well xx

Steroid Injection

I emailed my Surgeon's assistant this morning attaching my photos under the heading "Getting VERY worried" and he's got me coming in for a steroid injection tomorrow afternoon.

I have attached a photo of the area I am concerned with. It is the swelling below my nostrils which accentuates my tip and makes my nostrils appear flared when I smile.

Fingers crossed this will make a difference.

Post Steroid Injection

Yesterday I saw my Surgeon and he was fantastic!

He went through everything with me. What was achievable and what is not (part of my anatomy), and listened to my concerns.

In a nutshell he has explained that swelling is playing a big part of it and I of course, as we all know too well, need to be patient and wait until Dec (my full 12mths), in the interim, he has injected two steroid shots into my nose and the tip (the area I was most concerned with).

The injections simply felt like a bit of pressure and a sting. There was a tiny bit of blood afterwards. My nose was very red and appeared to initially swell up more (this has since come down overnight).

I am not too sure how long it takes for the injection to have effect. I recall reading 4-6 weeks.

We also discussed my nostril show at rest and when smiling. I mentioned that I didn't like how my nostrils were more showy at rest and flared when smiling.

My Surgeon has said that in any surgery there are variables as a result of the surgery that sometimes cannot be seen at the time of surgery, and nostril retraction (increased show) is one of these. My nostrils were a little showy before the operation and now they have increased.

We have pushed forward my final consult to August where we are going to discuss alar rim grafts to decrease my nostril show. My Surgeon said he can bring it up on the computer to show me exactly what it would look like post alar rim grafts.

So for now, I will let the injection do it's work, be patient and make a decision after my consult in August.

Fingers crossed the tip, columella and nostrils all settle a little more each month xx


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Hi Alicia, Thanks for sharing your story. How are you feeling about your nose now it's be a few more months down the track? How do you feel about the post-op care from your surgeon? To be honest, I thought you looked great before hand but I actually LOVE your new nose. I think it looks very natural, and you have a really lovely side and front profile. I can sort of see the "pinched tip" from underneath shots but from the front it doesn't looked pinched at all--that's something I notice a lot in post-op rhino pics and I don't see that all in your nose, plus nobody will look at it from down below. I don't want to disregard your feelings about it, as I know you're finding it hard to adjust to the new nose and how you feel is, how you feel --but from my perspective I think it looks amazing, and having seen your new nose I would definitely consider going with your surgeon (i.e. you're a great nose model) you're looking stunning (not that you weren't before, but even more now)! I hope you're adjusting well, if you can it would be lovely to see some more pics or hear how you're feeling about it all now. xx
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I think you nose is a HUGE improvement on what it was, and that it looks great!!
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Hi sweet, I'm the woman you bumped into on your way out of the clinic just after you had your cast removed. SO lucky your cast was removed first - was literally in shock when I left and if you'd seen the state I was in it would have seriously scared you. Just wanted to say a HUGE thanks for posting your experience. I've found the whole experience incredibly traumatising and isolating as I'm unhappy with the outcome and all my family and friends do not want to hear about it. Just knowing someone else has been going through the same thing has helped immensely. I'm so sorry you're not confident about the outcome but please believe me when I say you were beautiful before the surgery but even more so now. Even if you are disappointed the outcome isn't perfect and you might need a retouch I PROMISE you look better now. Wouldn't lie about this - have looked carefully at your photos after having my share of dismissive "yeah sure - it's fine" comments thrown my way from people who didn't even notice until the rumour got around. I've been researching revision specialists too in hope of one day once again feeling comfortable with my face. You're super brave for posting. Respect! :) Hope you're well and please try not to worry. Looks like you have a lot more going for you than your beautiful face. Take care. :) x
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Hi Hun, It is so great to hear from you! I was concerned you weren't happy before I even began reading because of your username. I am SO sorry you're going through this, I really am! I know what it is like to wake up and think it really happened, this is my life and what I really look like now, and how hard it is to get on with the rest of your life in the meantime. Please do what is best for you and don't think you're crazy because everyone else thinks you look fine. How you feel about the way you look is more important than anything. I trust he has been very helpful but I do think perhaps he is so busy or he has began to rush his clients that pre op expectations and the actual surgery done does not meet the individual patients overall appearance. I am not sure where things have fallen down but somewhere along the line they have which is very scary when you're physically altering a persons face which they identify themselves with. I remember you walking in with a partner. I hope everything is ok with your relationship. This surgery has put a strain on mine. I have a wonderful partner thankfully but it has taken away time to appreciate and enjoy my relationship. After seeing him in August regarding composite alar rim grafts I was going to get a second opinion. I have researched Dr Pincock and Dr Nettle. Dr Nettle has a long wait and other business interests which deterred me. I want to be 100% with the other surgeon before booking a consult and a 110% before getting a minor revision with Dr Tavakoli or the other surgeon. I don't think I could cope with another disappointment. Please keep me posted on how your going with your research and healing progress. I am here for you and happy to share the research I have so that we can both resolve the issues we have with our noses and move on with our lives, and be happy!!! :) xx
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Hi sweet, thanks for the kind words. :) I have my 6 month follow-up tomorrow so I'll write a more detailed response later in the week. Unfortunately I'm no longer with the guy you saw. After 2 years together we decided it probably wasn't going to work in the long term before the surgery but we hadn't broken up. He is the kindest person I've ever met and I'm really ashamed of what he had to deal with after the surgery. I was constantly distraught requiring a lot of emotional support and as hard as I tried I just couldn't be there for him. I just turned into a positive energy absorbing vortex. He doesn't take much notice of other peoples appearances and I wasn't able to explain to him why I was so devestated in a way that he could understand. My point is, I understand how scary it is to think that a choice you've made could be jeopardising the happiness of, and a future with someone you find truly amazing. I started to feel really guilty about not being fun to be around anymore and for not being able to summon the energy or patience to be a good girlfriend. I found counselling extremely helpful. It just takes the emotional burdon off your loved ones and clears your mind to be able to talk to them about things that don't bore them senseless. ;) It's also great to be able to express your concerns without needing to hold back in fear of dragging the person you're talking to down. My original nose was very different to yours - it was extremely straight but overprojected. I really liked it but just wanted it deprojected a few mm. I made this very clear but you wouldn't think so considering what is currently sitting in the middle of my face. I'm sure there are some people who would think it looks better but I don't. In addition to me not liking the actual nose I feel like my sense of self has been violated and I'm angry at myself for choosing the wrong surgeon for me. Anyway, I'm feeling a million times better than I did in Jan and I completely understand how you feel. Your sense of self is pivotal to your self-esteem and confidence and when it's disturbed it can send you into an emotional tailspin. My left nostril was quite retracted at 3 months but seems to have sorted itself out a little bit. Fingers crossed yours might relax a little more too. I think you're an absolute babe but I understand that it's your opinion of your nose that counts. Take care. I'll keep you posted. :) x
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Hi there. In general your nose is much better after surgery but I know how do you feel about it. We always, including myself, tend to think that after surgery our noses should be perfect. For me there are a couple of issues that I don't like post revision which might be due to swelling as I am only 11 weeks post. My surgeon intends to inject steroids in August. I hope the steroids are working for you. You look so lovely!
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Hoping the steroids will improve things for you! I had my steroid shot 2 days ago. My surgeon said 3-4 weeks to see results. Your breasts look lovely too. I might get mine done after Im done having kids. What size were you before and how many ccs did you get? Silicone or saline?
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Thank you hun. I am hoping so. I thought it was a few weeks to see any results. I am back to see him in August so waiting it out until I see him then to see whether things have improved and decide whether an alar rim graft will make me feel more at ease with the way it looks. I was probably an A-B before. I always wore a C bra with the gel implants that you can put in and out. My implants are 295 & 320cc silicone. They're very hard, high and uncomfortable at first but now 5months later I am very happy with them. I wouldn't mind a little bigger but I am settling with leaving them. Bigger might be uncomfortable and inpractical I think.
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hi i think you look amazing! how much was both of the opearations? you breasts and nose? as im thinking of getting it done
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Hi Kizzy, In total about 25K including all hospital, anetheasis etc. Each operations are $10K. The $5K is the extras. Please keep in mind the nose takes 12months and breasts a good 5 months to feel comfy. If you keep that in check you'll be fine :) x
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Thank for the reply. Well done to you for having it done. I think you look amazing
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Thank you Kizzy x Hopefully in time I can get used to my nose :) All the best if you have the procedures done xx
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Your nose is nice and your breast is great! The man who did this is an artist!!! And you are a hero to be through both at the same time! You look like another person! Very very nice job! I don't think that your nose has something wrong but I believe that you just expected it to be a little bit diffident. Like all of us here expect it to be. But it looks natural and I am surprised that a plastic surgeon did a nice natural nose and not one of these tiny "photocopy" noses! Look back and remember how your old nose was to appreciate your fantastic new one!!! Keep us updated on the injections! Xxx
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Yes, keep us posted on the steroid injections please! My surgeon said that might also be an option for me, depending on how my swelling settles. I have an appointment in a week for my first post-op consult. Your nose looks great though (honest outsider's perspective).
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Thank you! :) I have updated on the steroid injection. No bad side effects but no reduction in the swelling although I think it will take awhile to have any effect
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Please let me know/make an update on how the steroid injections are. I have an appointment to get the injections next week and I am nervous about that. I haven't been able to find any reviews on here of how people say the injections are.
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I've made an update for you! :) I am not 100% sure if it is making a difference but I know I have to give it time. So far no bad side effects such as atrophie, pigmentation or thinning of my skin :)
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I think nose flare occurs when the nose is deprojected. I'm 9 months out and even tho I have less swelling my nostrils still flare... Especially when I smile due to my surgeon performing deprojection (without my consent!).. Good luck tho... Hopefully the steroid shot helps
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Without your consent! Wow that would really upset me. I had nostril show before surgery and can see that in my post op photos however, it has increased since the operation and my Surgeon has said that is alar rim retraction, and has proposed alar rim grafts. We are going to discuss this in August.
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You look great now but I think you'll like it more and more as time goes on. Congrats!
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I'm sorry you are not entirely happy with your results. I think your new nose looks amazing! Such a positive change, it really makes your whole face look much more refined! Give it a full year (some surgeons say two!). Don't regret anything, you look great!
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I think you look fantastic. truly. you are beautiful!
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Your nose is shaping up nicely. Thanks for the info on swelling!!
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I honestly love your new nose I think it looks natural and your are stunning. you are overlooking the beauty of your new nose. If I was you I would be very happy keep us updated and remember you are only at the beginning of recovery. I hope you can finally be happy x
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Hi Steviemay, Thank you for your comments xx I have taken your advice and Zoosters, and am going to be patient. I am trying not to focus on the one area of my face rather my face as a whole and if I have concerns, I'll raise them with my surgeon at 9mths post op consult. I am sure my mind adjusting and recovery physically is having an impact on my perception xx
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