Good for Face, Not So Much for Neck and Chest - Sydney, Australia

I had a light treatment of Sciton ProFractional to...

I had a light treatment of Sciton ProFractional to my face and neck, followed by a series of three treatments to my chest. With my face and neck, I had it on Friday and was back at work on Tuesday. It hurt pretty badly during the procedure but was only a bit uncomfortable after. My face looked pretty scary though. I did it for freckles and sun spots and some smile lines around my mouth. It faded/got rid of many of my freckles but I still have some freckles and spots. However overall my skin looks great, it is noticeably softer and smoother. I got lots of compliments in the weeks after the procedure. My smile lines were a bit softened after the treatment but appear to have returned 6 months later. With my chest, I wanted to get rid of fine wrinkles, deeper rings of wrinkles (necklace rings) and loose skin that is just beginning to go crinkly. While the series of three treatments faded the freckles that were on my chest, they absolutely did nothing to tighten by skin or smooth the wrinkles.


Hi Mindy, I am in Sydney now and was wondering which doctor you went to? Thanks for the review.
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Thanks for such authentic information. I appreciate you sharing with us that you are at the 6 month mark & that this is what you are seeing. Its really helpful to have a frame of reference when hearing about results.

Since you liked the results on your face, but didn't notice much change on your neck & chest do you plan to repeat this treatment?

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