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My CO2 Laser Experience ' Day By Day " - Whom, What, When, Why, How and RESULTS of the CO2 Laser Resurfacing -Sydney, AU

I finally did! I had CO2 Laser Resurfacing to my...

I finally did! I had CO2 Laser Resurfacing to my face today! Bit of a background… Whom, What, When, Why and How extra! - I am 31 years young. I set out on this laser journey to get rid of my fine lines, improve the overall texture of my skin, as after years of struggling with breakouts and more recently three children, have left my skin looking well,” Dull and unhealthy”. I have tried everything spent thousands on high end beauty products and treatments some up to $250 a bottle, chemical peels, microdermabrasion, never getting the desired results.
I first heard about the C02 laser after watching an episode of DR OZ. Then following, Lets call it extensive research: reading all the reviews from all the different types of C02 laser treatments on the market, post treatment recovery stories, many free consultations even treatment quotes given up to $6000 for one treatment and to top it all of most wanting me to do three treatments! Anyway, I ended up booking in with the Cosmetic Medical Clinic in Sydney.
Why? For a couple of reasons- the EXEL 02 Fractional C02 Laser Machine – The treatment costing only $1600 – The number of different types of laser treatments on offer in the one clinic plus, after leaving my consultation with the Clinical Director Jenner Chan. I felt like I was in good hands. I was very well informed about both the procedure, post treatment care and of course what results to expect.
Now Because I have fair skin, and to limit my down time Jenner recommended that I do a one off high intendancy Treatment for $1600. (Instead of three low intendancy treatments at $1600 each) plus an optional Led Light Therapy to help speed up the recovery process and to reduce the redness and to hopefully speed up the healing process. At a cost of $150 per treatment (I think! don’t quote me on in but I think I get 20% off because I had the laser treatment. Anyway I have booked for the led light therapy on Tuesday as she recommended starting on the 5th day of recovery.

So what happened and what was it like?

Well it’s been 10 hours since I had the laser. My face feels hot but not uncomfortable. It’s know longer stinging .I last took two fast relief panadols three hours ago I don’t think I need to take anymore.
My appointment was at 1.30pm but I had to be there around 11am for the application of numbing cream.
When I arrived Jenner took some photos, went over the procedure one more time as well as what to expect post recovery gave me as a copy of her 24 hour email support, then I was asked to rinse and wipe my face with water, then she applied the numbing cream all over my face. I waited around in the recovery room for an hour and a half then Jenner gave me 2 panadols and waited another half an hour.
I went in pretty much on time- Jenner placed the goggles over my eyes and couple of blankets over my body (to keep me warm and comfortable). She then put a stream of cold air on my face and told me where she was going to start putting the cold air stream directly on the area she was lasering at all times. I didn’t feel very much as my face was quit numb. I could feel as sting here and there on certain parts of my face. When she was doing around my nose I could smell burning skin. It stung mostly around the bottom of my eyes and the forehead – bearable thou, Jenner continuously asking if I was ok, even if I wanted a break!
The procedure took around and hour. I then washed and whipped the numbing cream of my face and Jenner let me sit for a bit with the Cold Air Stream on my face. My husband picked me up at around three and I was home by 3.30pm
I must say when the numbing cream wore off. I quickly took a couple more panadols as the heat felt quit intense,But passed about ten minutes later
When I got home. I was able do my normal mothering duties .the only thing I had to do was to make sure my face was kept clean for the first 48 hours (only rinsing my face morning ,noon and night .I was told to do this by using baby whips rinsing them first in cold water and dabbed them loosely over my face
It was really all as simple as that!
So Check out the photo I took when I got home. I will keep posting daily updates. I will have to get a copy of my before photo off Jenner as I am just looking, I have No photos of myself just the kids!
Anyway I think I have cover EVERYTHING for today
See what tomorrow brings ……………………

“LASERED” - Lucy

Thanks for sharing such a detailed review!  Definitely keep us posted on your healing in the review updates, it is really helpful for anyone considering a laser treatment.  Thanks again!


DAY 2 - My CO2 Laser Experience

Day two,

Well the look on my husbands face when I woke up this morning said it all !
My face has swollen up and feels very tight – It still feels very tight
It looks like she has done a good job , as you can see there is no blood like other reviews photos- that’s one of the reasons I chose this particular CO2 Laser machine. Jenner did say today was the worst day. It hasn’t been to bad. My face still feels hot. I have rinsed/cleaned it morning, noon and night by rinsing out baby whips and dabbing them ever so gently over my face. But look it wasn’t to bad I still did everything I normally would do during the day washing, ironing, cooked dinner mopped floors just didn’t leave the house! Didn’t want to scare anyone to be frank! I emailed my photo to Jenner and she replied saying” looks good.” So nothing to worry about

Check out the beautiful pic

See what tomorrow brings


Day 2 after CO2 Laser Resurfacing Using the EXEL 02 Fractional C02 Laser Machine at the Cosmetic Medical Clinic in Sydney.

Why did you give this a "Not Worth It" rating??

DAY 3 - My CO2 Laser Experience

Day Three
My face is still a swollen and quit red.,but not as swollen as yesterday It has also started to crust over in parts. If you look closely you can see tiny brown dots everywhere.
My face knowlonger feels hot to touch. I took the kids out t oday and wore the biggest hat I could find !. I sent this photo to Jenner and she rang me back to see how I was going. She said that it’s looking great!
I will leave you with todays pick and see if you can make a great out of this.
Overall really nothing just getting on with the normal daily life and trying not to catch a glance at myself in any ….Mirrors….. !

Lasered Lucy

Day 3 after CO2 Laser Resurfacing Using the EXEL 02 Fractional C02 Laser Machine at the Cosmetic Medical Clinic (CMC) in Sydney.

DAY 4 - My CO2 Laser Experience

Day four
My face is hardly swollen today still quit red thou But is completely crusted over. It is Itchy. I rang the Cosmetic Medical Clinic today to see what I could do now and Jenner said to keep dabbing with the rinsed baby whips but use warm and then cold water
The skin in places is starting to peel off
Check out todays pic
Lasered Lucy

Day 4 after CO2 Laser Resurfacing Using the EXEL 02 Fractional C02 Laser Machine at the Cosmetic Medical Clinic (CMC) in Sydney.

Thank you for your review. happy you did it and got the result!. When I did it and wrote about it all, almost no one believed.... I am happy for you. I can send you my photos before and after - I went through a cool deep laser ablation last fall. I did it In Europe though. I highly recommend Dr. Julian Penev in Varna, Bulgaria
Ok, I'm there with ya.... been a couple of weeks now - got a new pic?
Thats great!!! I have been thinking to do it for my acen scars, uneven skin and fine lines on forehead, since long, does it really worth it? It was very detailed review. Thanks a bunch.

DAY 5 - My CO2 Laser Experience - D Day !!

Today I went into see Jenner for my Led Light Therapy appointment. I had to get my face steamed to get all the dead skin off. I couldn’t find a steam room close to my house, so I went to my local Beauty salon and had my face steamed!
When I woke up some of the dead skin had already fallen off and there was dead skin all over my Pillow!( see Photo) After I had my face steamed although my face was still red , it felt SO SMOOTH and I could see that a lot of fine lines on my fore head, around my mouth and eyes were know longer there. My skin felt tight and smooth and I could also see a major pour size reduction on the pours around my nose _ HOW EXCITING -. I went in and had the LED LIGHT Therapy.( very relaxing )Jenner was very pleased with how I am recovering and the results from the treatment she said that the redness after CO2 takes a couple of weeks to go away after peeling , but with led light therapy treatments it will reduce the recovery time by half. I have decided to have the Led light Theory again tomorrow. The treatment was really relaxing so I am really looking forward to it. Jenner advised me not to use any chemicals on my face and to just use water and steam.

When I got home after the Led Light therapy I noticed my face wasn’t as red
Anyway Day Five see for yourself
Loving the CO2 and led light therapy is well worth it

Hi Syeda, its so worth it. i look ten years younger! And my skin looks amazing check out ************* Ask for Jenner she will be able to do a treatment plan for you to say good bye to your ace Scars. all the best !

Hi thanks for the interest in my progress. i hope you are doing well and are enjoying the results. out of interest why did you just get your eyes done? i ask as you went through the same recovery as me getting your whole face done !
hi i am one person that is well known for dark circles under my eyes. But since having the treatment i haven't noticed them all the best

DAY 6 - My CO2 Laser Experience

i can't stop checking myself out. my face is looking amazing all my forehead lines are gone ( and they were deep ) my face feels so good just a little bit pink. I went in and had another led light therapy treatment After the treatment you would never have guessed i had my face lasered 6 days ago !

Loving the C02 Laser , My beautiful Skin and led light therapy ! .
Anyway Day 6 see for yourself


Day 6 after CO2 Laser Resurfacing Using the EXEL 02 Fractional C02 Laser Machine at the Cosmetic Medical Clinic (CMC) in Sydney

Did it worth in scars?
I'm curious you said you didn't feel hardly any pain at all, my treatments were pretty painful, i had to suck on happy gas and I was squirming my feet to be able to deal with the pain. I had bad outcome but i 'm glad you are doing so well! Was your laser fraxel?
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Cosmetic Medical Clinic in Sydney

I would recommend the Cosmetic Medical Clinic in Sydney to Everyone ! Why? For a couple of reasons- The number of different types of laser treatments on offer in the one clinic , price ,plus after my experience with the Clinical Director Jenner Chan. i know you will be in good hands as well informed about both the procedure, post treatment care and of course what results to expect.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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