Three Sessions on Tummy - Sydney, Australia

I am a fit normal weight female with a little hard...

I am a fit normal weight female with a little hard to shift stomach fat.

The first procedure was pretty barbaric. The nurse was just brutal, and there had been no mention of how painful this is prior. When I asked for numbing cream, despite the high cost of these treatments, and the presumably HUGE profit margin that must be made, I was told that I would have to have bought my own numbing cream, but of course, there was no mention of this prior.

The nurse did briefly apply an ice pack before tenderising me with the multi needled device, literally like a minute steak. I went into shock, it was so painful. Fought back tears, went dizzy and faint. Just brutal. Therapist went to do other clients, and clearly didnt give a hang.

Had a few minutes to recover, then limped out of the centre.

Post I was VERY swollen, sore and in a post traumatic state, felt like I had been in a car accident. Subsequent 2 treatments were less traumatic, as i knew what to expect, but still really really deeply unpleasant and painful.
Three treatments in all should have delivered a result. It didn't.

Certainly nothing like what it should given the time, trauma, pain,shock. And the enormous expense considering it has little to no results. It certainly does not live up to its promised effects. I think liposdissolve is a scam. I am thinking of making a complaint to consumer affairs and asking for my money back from the provider.


Thanks for posting about your experience, missnovember, and I'm really sorry to hear about what you went through. :( Were you supposed to see a result straight away?

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hi there sharon,
no, not straight away, but certainly should have by now. the procedure really does not live up to its promise, nor warrant its cost. a very expensive, unpleasant, painful thing for little to no effect. the nurse there told me many people said it didnt work. I may have some very very minimal effect- but i have also done a lot more exercise since! and i would say it is too minimal to call a difference. these procedures are not cheap, nor effective, it is wrong to make huge claims about 'melting fat' etc, when its untrue. and to take so much of a persons hard earned cash, apart from faith!!

Hi misnovember, just wondering how you are now as it's been nearly two months since you have written. Any better results? Can you say where you had it done in Sydney as I'm booked into Renaissance Clinic next week & am a little worried about it.

Just re-reading, to think I spent $1200 on that,...

Just re-reading, to think I spent $1200 on that, well it makes me want to cry. Such a waste in time, money and PAIN!


Hi Kirsty, no it was done in an upmarket cosmedical centre . It did not occur to me to query the results or ask for my money back, as the attitude of the nurse who did the treatment was so um, unconcerned and i guess unpleasant that I think i surmised that they really wouldn't. I really wish i HAD thought to ask for my money back, I think it's a painful scam more or less.
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I've never had Lipodissolve myself, so I can't talk from personal expereince and I'm sure that like everything, it works for some and not others, but I can understand how diassapointed you must be to have paid so much money and have no results to show.

Hi cath- to be honest, I dont think it is worth the pain and expense. It is expensive, and it is painful. I saw no real or lasting results, I wish I could say it was great, but in all honesty, I think it would be money better spent on something else. :-) x missnovember
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