Did They Remove Clitoros Hood? Sydney, AU

Hi, I had this surgery and wanted to remove...


I had this surgery and wanted to remove nearly all of the labia.
My outer ones kinda went upwards towards the hood area.
and I did have the clitoris hood reduction too.

But now it feels really swollen and looks like there is no skin covering the clitoris at all?
Or is it actually underneath?
im not sure, help please.

whenever i walk i feel it rubbing against my underwear.
feels waay too sensitive.
i hope its not exposed.

The Cosmetic institute

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As others have mentioned, you are still healing, lots will change. Have you followed up with your doctor? You can also ask a doctor on here and see what they have to say. I wish you well on your recovery, keep us posted. 
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I'm not a doctor of course, but it definitely looks to me like the hood was removed. I requested mine be left intact completely and I'm happy with it that way, but a lot of posters' here have had theirs removed as well and really ended up enjoying it. The swelling will go down so it won't look so puffy and over time it was become calloused in a way and not be as sensitive (for most people.) It is possible for it to remain super sensitive. If that is the case for you and it's uncomfortable, a very skilled surgeon can rebuild the hood using labial tissue. I can't tell from the picture, do you have any inner labial tissue left at all? It could go either way, but I feel like the majority of people with the same surgical result ended up pretty happy with it. It should go down in swelling and look like a very small erect penis. I know that might sound weird but a lot of the girls were really happy with it. I can try to link you to some of their reviews if you would like?
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Hi thanks so much for your comment. i hope the sensitivity goes away. oh i sent u a msg :) and sure if you could link to the other reviews that would be great. i was really worried and started regretting i got this done :(
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I don't know why I can't seem to find the ones with the pictures, I swear there were a lot when I was researching on here! I'll keep looking though, maybe someone else can post their's? http://www.realself.com/review/boston-ma-free-clitoral-hood-reduction-for-labiaplasty-worried This is one where in the comments they are discussing the hood removal and they seemed to enjoy it quite a lot
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it appears as though it was completely removed, but from my own experience, the appearance will significantly change as the swelling goes down.
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thanks for replying. i hope it goes in alot. its too sensitive :(
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You're only 4 days post too, trust me, everythings going to change. I had nothing done to my hood but everything down there is very sensitive at the moment. it will get less sensitive as time goes on and you will get used to it.
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You are so fortunate. I wanted my clitoral foreskin removed when I had my labia excised but they did not remove enough at that time.I have now had a proper clitoral circumcision and although that left me with an over-sensitive clitoris at the time, I now very much enjoy the reduced sensation which leaves me with much more control over my sexuality. It just feels good to have a little rubbing against my undies and I am able to bring myself to orgasm whenever I feel like a release. My hubbie loves the look of my exposed glans and it is so much cleaner now. No smegma or smell. I trust you will get used to your new feelings and enjoy sex much more as I did. Best wishes, Lilian
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Hi, glad to hear you like yours. for me i dont really like feeling that sensitivity all the time. I actually didnt ask for it to be all removed like that. it was unexpected. i hope its repairable? or goes in somehow.
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