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Would Recommend - Sydney, Australia

I had a very small amount to my nose from a doctor...

I had a very small amount to my nose from a doctor near oxford street, sydney (dr hkeik) - he was VERY sterile (e.g. sterile gloves / didn't touch my nose at all etc.) - I haven't had any adverse reactions at all. I made sure I didn't touch or wash my nose for a week and put some medication on it that was given by the doctor. Was VERY expensive but worth it... Infact - I think he should have put a touch more in but too late now!!! Would definately recommend but make sure you go to someone who is referred incase of issues.

Dr. Hkeik

There was no follow up call - but I had no issues so all good!

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was your $1700 your payment just for the aquamid? I'll be soon going to Dr. Hkeik for removal of the material instead(It was injected on Sept. 3 so I guess it's still in the initial stage). I'm quite scared of the costs of his services.
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I had Aquamid injected into my nasolabial folds, instant result and still looking good after 18 months. Then I had a small amount injected into my vermillion borders to stop lipstick bleed and to increase my lip size.It cost me $900.00 on each occasion. The injections into the lips were unbearabley painful. I had a local anaesthetic first but it doesn't quite numb all areas 100%.I would have preferred to have it under general anaesthetic.The problem with local anaesthetic is it make your lips swell very quickly so it requires someone with a very good technique and a lot of experience to administer it.I started an antibiotic course just prior to each procedure as this rules out the possibility of an infection later.I would certainly have it again.The results are permanent and I just can't be done with paying out continously for top ups on temporary fillers.Permanent is better when you have had a temporary filler at least 6 months previously as then you will know how it will look permanently. It cannot be removed.
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My dermatologist uses a dental block when putting Aquamid in my cheeks. The whole procedure is pain free. You just have to wait a couple of hour for it to wear off, no worse than going to the dentist.
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Wow, I had no idea you had to be so careful about your nose getting touched after Aquamid. Did the doctor advise this, or was it what you thought was best?

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UK & European doctors who have great success with Aquamid emphasize that an aseptic environment is very important for Aquamid to manage the risk of infection, hence doctors & patients being careful about not touching injected areas.
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