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Cannot Wait to Get on the Flat Side! - Sydney, AU

Hi everyone, After two kids who are now 3 and 1...

Hi everyone,
After two kids who are now 3 and 1 plus 6 laparoscopies for endo and PCOS plus one eptopic pregnancy my stomach is what my surgeon described as "shot". I have lost about 33 pounds between pregnancies but have about 20 more pounds to go before I feel like i will be totally happy. When I tell my friends that I am having surgery they don't believe me that my stomach would be that bad but once I show them I say "see just like old man balls"! Gross right! I think the most frustrating thing is when you try so hard to lose weight and it's like the more weight you lose the more disgusting my stomach looks. When I had my consultation I asked my surgeon just tell me if I need to go home and work harder to get rid of this and he spent literally two hours going through the mechanics of ab muscles and as he went on I knew that my stomach was a mess and that there will be some muscle repair to do this. Everyone including hubby is so supportive but I have the same concerns as everyone else especially about looking after the kids and housework etc. Am aiming to be really good and cut out sugar one month before surgery and if i can drop ten pounds before I know I am giving my surgeon the best opportunity to give me the best results. Am terrified though but hopefully putting my fears out there will this process! Any advice about any stage of op and recovery is needed and welcomed!! Love this site...

Less than two weeks to go!

Wow can't believe in less than two weeks this thing will be off me for good! Im more nervous about leaving the kids and hubby with the house and actually feeling calm about the operation itself. All my admission for the hospital has been confirmed and called the surgeons office to confirm if I can continue to take me high potency iron tablets as have been deficient in the past. He said yes and also confirmed that since I will be in hospital a minimum of three nights hopefully get drains out by the time I leave but know from all the stories here that that is wishful thinking! Anyway here are the dreaded before pics and I cant wait to upload the new pics which I hope will take alot of the stretch marks away! I have been doing spin classes and love how its helping me drop the last few pounds and its really taking me mind of everything. Don't know how I'm not going to be able to exercise for so long!

Before pic

We are so lucky....

Just wanted to add that I feel so blessed that we are living in an age where we can get these things fixed! I know it will be life changing for me especially in regards to self-esteem etc and I feel sad that our mother's generation and prior had to put up with this for the rest of their lives. Part of me feel vain but now it had become a medical issue, my back is killing me because of the lack of support in the abdominal cavity and thank goodness that is recognised as something medicare will pay for and I still get to have the surgeon of my choice! I have worked my ass off literally to lose the excess weight and although I have a little further to go I really hope this will give me the extra motivation to lose the last ten kilos! My surgeon said that because I have lost weight the right way and toned in other areas that my results will be "Dramatic". He is more excited than me and I think I have become so resigned to looking like this that ANY improvement would excite me but his talk of bikinis etc seemed SO unrealistic! But we will see. I'm ready for the pain and the recovery and I thank everyone who has shared their stories on this wonderful site as I know EXACTLY what to expect. I feel like I have completed a mini degree in TT and I think the more knowledge we have before going into surgery the better our recovery will be especially from a mental point of you. OK ladies now off to nest (I feel like im in pregnancy mode again) got lots to do and clean in 13 days!!

Advice needed!

Can anybody suggest what are the best and most comfortable clothes to wear post-surgery? An actual nightie or is loose pant and top better? Will be in hospital minimum three nights so need to pack a few things for the duration of stay.

I did it!

Hi ladies I am one day post op and what a roller costed it has been! I was put to sleep before I even went into theatre at eight am and my next memory is waking up in my room at three in the afternoon! Everything was fine until I had a sip of water which started a six hour vomitting on and off episode. The pain of vomitting was terrible and I started seeing spiders on the walls and my arms and legs and feet began to swell and I had pins and needles. All of this lasted until two am and they had given me a sleeping tablet and still couldn't get to sleep. Doctor was called and they think I had some sort of reaction to the heavy pain killers in surgery. It was so scary as the parts where I had surgery was fine and I thought I was getting a blood clot. This morning after three hours sleep I managed to start drinking and eating without vomitting and I also have a catheter in. But there is no way I would have been able to get up anyway. I have a pain pump which I hope to stop using today and start on the oral pain killers. Pain is mild but lipo incisions and drain area is painful. I will be in here for five days so alls I have to do is get moving although I'm dreading that! My ps said results are sensational but can't see anything with this binder which goes from just under my boobs to my knees. Am trying to stay strong although it is hard as the first 12 hours made me think why did I do this??? I hope everyone is well

11 days PO and feeling great!

So it's been 11 days since my surgery and I'm feeling pretty good and can even sleep on my side. I had 5 nights in hospital which is standard here in Australia but it really set me up for a great recovery as I was so well looked after. The first week is tough but as long as I don't overdo it and put my feet up alot I feel great. I also wanted to share with you my experience with lymphatic drainage massage. I also had lipo to thighs and flanks and to be honest that has been my primary source of pain and swelling. So day I went to a lovely Japanese girl who specializes in post surgery massage and after supporting my legs she gave me an hour massage, using very light pressure and opening all of the lymph nodes to ensure they flow to reduce the swelling and get rid of the toxins. It was so relaxing and I have felt great all day. I knew it had worked because as soon as she was done I had to do he longest pee ever and she said this is how the body releases swelling and excess fluid. I am going to go five more times in the next few weeks to aid recovery.

As for my tummy my ps has requested I wear a cg for another four weeks and I have this clear protective sheild on my incision that is also waterproof and will last another month. He has advised to just be sensible and has assured me if I follow his instructions and be patient I will not only heal quicker but will get desired results. I started taking turmeric tablets so hopefully that will help. Have to be vigilant about drinking water and need to eat better. Hate not exercising but have been given the go ahead to do light cardio so might return to gym next week. Hardest thing is not being able to pick up my baby so piggy back him instead. I'm not sure what the next few weeks or months will be like and I'm sure I will have my down days but so far this has been life changing surgery for me. My muscles in my stomach were separated by 20 centermetres and all of my internal organs had fallen into this yucky cavity of loose skin. The scoop in my back was killing me but that has gone and so have all of those angry red stretch marks. This site helped me through that tough first week and will continue to be a source of constant reassurance! Now I just need to get my very sore ass to my PC and load my after pics. Thank you to all the beautiful ladies out there wishing you happy healing!

3 weeks PO!

Ok its been three weeks since I had surgery and what a friggin rollercoaster it has been! Im back to full time mothering and trying to clean the house and also work from home. I'm always tired and sore especially in my back. I think if you are really active before (I was going to gym 4 times a week) it is so hard mentally to not be able to do that. I feel like a blob who can't really do anything and I just want to get out there and have a good workout. Unrealistic I know but Im so over all this downtime. As for my tummy, cannot feel anything below belly button, am swollen and my hoo-ha look like a car bonnet! great! Swelling is no joke and even when I went to the gym to do light weights for my arms I was so swollen that I couldn't breathe and though my tummy was going to suffocate the rest of my body! My doc wants me to keep the silicone sheet on until Christmas! Yuck it is still the same one from day of surgery and there is still dry blood and blue marker. But I did get a sneak peek and underneath my car is really thin and his method seems to work as other patients a year on are so thin and white. Don't know if I will last till Xmas though, will probably go and buy some more, have a quick wash and stick it straight back on. Positives...I am flat and aside from swelling I can see what my shape will look like in the long run. Can wear dresses I never wore before and have received heaps of compliments. So when is the turning point I ask? When do I get some feeling back in my stomach and not feel like someone is sitting on me!! Im having a down day and just need someone to tell me it gets better than this especially the swelling!!!!


Sydney Plastic Surgeon

Dr Perkins is a very realistic and skilled surgeon. He is very down to earth and spent an hour and a half in my first consultation explaining everything. He reconstructed my stomach so to me it wasn't a cosmetic procedure more a medical condition. He is so experienced and has the best staff who I felt comfortable with. I was informed and given realistic expectations of the surgery. Thank you for fixing me!

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I totally get the feeling of ok come on been patient but just want to feel myself again. I'm only 9 days post tt but it already feel likes 9 weeks lol waking up sore early morning sux. My friend who is 5 months post tt says the first 6 weeks suck and the first 2 really suck but has said at 3 months I'll feel amazing and she'll take me shopping for new clothes. So I just keep focusing on that thought new flat tummy clothes :) also I stop and think in a years time this will all be a distant memory but I'll have a flat tummy for the rest of my life wooohoooo!!!!!!
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Wow, you look fabulous for 3 weeks post op!!!
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Thank you!! I feel like crap so thank u for your kind words!
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You're halfway there... you will feel pretty decent at 6-weeks, when you can resume normal activities. I am 3-weeks PO and time cannot fly fast enough to get me to 6-weeks.
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Hey Oz, Congrats on doing it! I'm sorry to hear it was so rough for you :( How are you feeling now? Take care and get your rest, you're in my thoughts! *hugs*
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Thank you So much! Doing so much better now at home and taking it easy. Only three more days with this darn drain and then I think I will feel even better. Doing something for ten minutes then feet up, just doing what I can and trying just to take pain med at night. The first 24 hours I wanted to die and totally regretted it but it's amazing how quickly the body can recover although I know I have a long month ahead!
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It's not an easy recovery and I recall my first 3 weeks being hard. I only started walking late into day 2 when my catheter came out. That was hard and took my breathe away just trying to get out of bed . The binder was my comforter been tho it was the most painful thing to wear but it felt like it was holding me together . Before you know it , you'll be out of there. I had a reaction to the morphine and on my first night had a panic attack. Felt chlaustrophobic. Just wanted to rip everything off me. Think my compression garment was way too tight and my ps took it off and that was instant relief, but put me into another binder which was much better. Good luck with your healing . Which hospital are you in ?
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G'day. This is exciting . You're the 2nd reason I have met here from Sydney. I am here too :) Wear loose fitting clothes and preferably front fastening as you will be hunched over for as few days. I wore long t shirt ( just above knees) pj's. Was in hospital from tue- sat and only managed to change out of hospital clothes on a thur. Wearing full briefs were most comfortable for me or ones where sides were wide. Has your ps recommended a compression garment. Good luck and and post po pics
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Wow you have to stay in the hospital for three days... My TT is an out patient procedure then I go home same day. GL it'll be here before you know it...
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Yes it's a bit different in Australia. I have to say our healthcare system is pretty good and if you make over a certain amount you have to have private healthcare and private facilities are amazing here!
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You'll get a lot of information on this sight. Good luck next month it'll be here before you know it. Keep us posted
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Thank you yes I know time will fly which is a good thing I guess!
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Wishing you the best of luck! You're young and will probably have a quick recovery!
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I hope so good luck with your surgery will be praying for you!
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Congrats on beginning your journey! Keep us posted! You'll find the support you need here :)
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Thank you for such warm welcome :)
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Good luck an stay positive :-) this site is great for before op an recovery stages !!!
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Honestly found more realistic info here than anywhere im so glad I found it and have a good idea of what to expect!
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