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Recommendations? - Sydney, AU

Does anyone have any recommendations for a great...

Does anyone have any recommendations for a great surgeon in the Sydney area who does both Rhinoplasty and Breast augmentation? Also does anyone have any experience with the above doctors?
I would really appreciate the feedback as I am feeling overwhelmed!
I am starting to panic because it is very difficult to make a decision on something that could have an impact both positively or negatively on the rest of your life!
There are so many doctors out there.
Dr Pouw

The expected cost is $7000 for one surgeon and $14000 for the other. I don't know why they are so different. Perhaps it's because one is in Double Bay. My insurance covers a lot.

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Hi Morgan333, I had rhino & BA with Dr Tavakoli on 23.12.13. I had lipo with him 10 years ago too and he's the only surgeon I would go to. I love my breasts and my nose I am starting to like now. The nose is a difficult one post op because swelling and the final product can take up to a yr so you have to keep reminding yourself of that whereas your breasts you'll love straight away. Feel free to view my photos. I am waiting for my rhino review to be published on real self x
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I have booked rhinoplasty with Dr Shahidi. I highly recommend him for rhinoplasty as that was he specialises in. There a few reviews on here about him. Only thing I would advise is choosing two different surgeons for the procedures as they all will have different skills for a particular procedure so go with one who specialises in rhinoplasty and another who is known for breast augmentation.
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Thanks so much for your comment. I have now booked in to see Dr Zacharia who is an ENT plastic surgeon specialising in noses and the face. I will at least get his opinion. Obviously I would rather get both procedures done at the same time but I also want to be 10000% confident!
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