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I have been unhappy with my ethnic nose for as...

I have been unhappy with my ethnic nose for as long as i can remember as it had a big hump and was overall too prominent for my face so decided to have rhinoplasty at 19. As soon as the cast came off i was amazed at the results because the difference was apparent immediately. However within the next two years after all the swelling subsided my tip became pointy and the bridge too narrow which all made my nostrils flare out so i went for a revision rhino which was just a touch up.

My surgery lasted an hour and my ps narrowed my nostrils slightly and placed cartridge on the sides. After the cast came off i realised how big the nose looked compared to the previous but was happy i didnt have a sharp tip anymore.

Around a year later after hoping the nose would become a little more refined i realised it wouldnt but waited further. Four years later my nose looked very bulbous at the tip and my nostrils still flared so i searched for another surgeon.

I just had my 3rd rhinoplasty procedure 13 days ago and feeling very frustrated that i cant see a single difference. I asked my ps to reduce the tip and curve it upwards and slight curve along the bridge not of which seems to appear at the moment. I know theres plenty of swelling but it doesnt mean the shape will change.

I cant stress enough at how important it is to have great communication between you and your surgeon. If you have to repeat and stress your concerns and what youd like changed then do so please. I wish i knew that the nose would keep changing after rhinoplasty and that scar tissue forms and can alter the nose from what the surgeon created. Also i forgot to mention another reason i proceeded with the surgery was to correct my deviated septum to help with my breathing but it wasnt till my 3rd rhino that that was achieved and both my surgeons were board certified ENT's.


Amy, Glad that you're able to breathe better now. I see less nostril show on the 3rd rhino compared to the 2nd. Is that what you're seeing too? I've read a lot of reviews where people say that their tips dropped after a while. I'm hoping it keeps getting better for you.
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Thanks for sharing your experience on RealSelf! Try to remember that you're still probably quite swollen and the differences may be hard to see. Are you breathing better, yet?

Also, looks like you might have taken your photos down. Any chance you'll put them back up? Before and after photos are so helpful for the community.

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Hi Angie, everyone has been telling me that its swelling but i'm sure that some changes like a slope on the bridge should already be showing even slightly but it isn't. With my personal experience with rhinoplasty i really dont believe the shape of the nose will change after the first reveal just that the shape that you see will become more defined thats all. I can definitely breathe through both nostrils now which im very happy about. I have a consultation with my ps soon so i will discuss all my concerns with him and will post pictures throughout the coming months to show any changes in the swelling.

Just remembered that on the day of my surgery when...

Just remembered that on the day of my surgery when my ps opened his folder, the before and after picture he was gonna work towards was taken over a year ago and not the recent one we had made changes to but since it was like practically a minute before i went into surgery i was too nervous to realise that..makes sense why he didnt work towards what i wanted upset


Hi Amy, I am also located in Sydney and wanted to see if you finally got the results you were after, and if so, with which surgeon. I hope this is all behind you now and look forward to hearing from you x
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