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Swelling and Pain - Sydney, AU

I had the lipodissolve 6 days ago in Sydney. Cost...

I had the lipodissolve 6 days ago in Sydney. Cost $300. I went in to get frazel treatment and was talked into the injections for a small double chin. Dr said it was painless but there would be swelling, which she assured me would subside very quickly (24 hrs). Well that has not been my experience. Fraxel was not a problem, but as soon as I got home my neck began to swell and was burning hot. Huge! Had to stay home from work with almost constant ice pack for 2 days. The swelling went right down to my collar bone. After 6 days the neck swelling has reduced but there is still considerable swelling under the chin (5 x the original fat deposit). Its still hot and tender. I have been doing the massage - but it hurts. For the last 2 days there has been little change. I am hoping that I wake up tomorrow with it gone! I would never do this again as it really is not worth it. When I was talking to the Dr about the procedure, I asked about allergic reactions. She said she had not seen one - well I think mine was definitely out of the ordinary.

It will take some six months after your last treatment before you see results. Body takes its own time processing fat loss.

Wow, that must have been pretty scary to see that much swelling. I'm so glad to hear it is starting to go down.

Do you mind me asking if the doctor was a specialist of any kind? 

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The provider was ok the treatment just did not work well on me.

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