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I have just come back from a post op on my tummy...

I have just come back from a post op on my tummy tuck - 9,5 months po.
After having a tummy tuck and being pulled nice and tight in all areas, I need to have labiaplasty, as the pubic are has been pulled up and everything else now hangs out. :( Its most uncomfortable, as I am a Cycling Instructor and the rubbing on the Saddle makes me burn when going to the toilet or when I shower, and even wearing underwear makes it uncomfortable with the rubbing.

So my PS said I need to have it cut away. Its not a big procedure, but it will be swollen and I am out of action in training for 2-3 weeks. I forgot to ask if I am able to swim afterwards in the sea or pool? Even forgot to ask about stitches. I suppose I had so much on my mind that one only remembers all these questions afterwards. Can anyone help me answer the above?
No date has been set yet. No pics have been taken yet, but will follows. I cannot put a price down yet to the surgery, as its being claimed through my medical aid, and know that I am out of pocket with the ps for $500 and anaesathist fees will follow after procedure which they expect approx $500

Labiaplasty and Aerola Resizing

Today is my 1st day pre op of having labiaplasty and I had my aerials resized as well as scar revision on sides from tummy tuck done April 2013.
And I am sore! :(
Lots of bleeding from Labia and had an average night sleep, especially since I have stitches upper, middle and lower body. I have not taken photos post op of Aerola as it's covered and that dressing only comes off in a weeks time , same as the AT&T scar revision . The only reason I did scar revision as my ps was not happy that it was not as flat as he would like to have Seen the scars on side. That wasn't a major precision but it is burning sensation.
Herewith before and after pics of labia. }

Dr Thomas Lam

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Just checking in for an update, how are you feeling?
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Hi. Had my labia and Aerola procedure in Tue 12 Aug. Feeling uncomfy at the moment with burning sensation to Labia. At this stage I have to stay bedridden for another day to avoid swelling. Looking forward to having my shower tomorrow :). Other than that all seems to be healing ok and see my PS on Monday for check up. Aerolas are covered up so can't see anything yet. Will post pics as soon as I can see. X
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The instructions I was given by my doctor were to avoid swimming, sex, and regular exercise (jogging, lifting, yoga, etc.) for six weeks. Every doctor seems to say something different though, and everyone heals differently. If you have any other questions feel free to ask!
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Welcome, sounds like you are ready with just a few more questions, here are some of our Doctors FAQ that may help you, and feel free to Ask A Doctor on the site as well :) Best of luck with your procedure, keep us posted. 


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