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I have just started my invisalign process, first...

I have just started my invisalign process, first day could not handle the bottoms ones and was regreting getting them, but went to ortho and showed me i can trim , file down.. day 3 they are more settled and getting used to them but my tougue is sooo sore from previous rough edges!! I never wanted braces... And glad this clear option was released as took me ages to get the courage to get them !! Not looking forward to the buttons next month as ortho said will be extremely hard to pull the aligners off first few times arrghhh !
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Ortho is good and friendly but would expect better product as in smoothed out, for the money ur paying

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I'm glad you started your story, but even more glad you were able to get past the first few days when your tongue was being irritated by the trays. So sorry you had to deal with that. :( It seems its not an uncommon experience though.

Perhaps you can get some tips on how to remove your trays after you get the buttons on in this forum:

How do you get your Invisalign trays out?

Looking forward to following your treatment!

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