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Amazing Ultherapy Facelift by Jenner at Cosmetic Medical Clinic Sydney - Sydney, AU

I had amazing results with an Ultherapy facelift...

I had amazing results with an Ultherapy facelift by Jenner CM Chan at Cosmetic Medical Clinic in Sydney.

I want to share my journey with others so that you know there is hope for a new and rejuvenated you with this miraculous non-invasive treatment.

I am just about to turn 50; I’m a healthy, non-smoker, non-drinker with skin that was flawless but now showing the sad sagging signs of aging and sun damage. Although, I did have Ultherapy a year ago I never saw any results. I was despondent and felt let down by the product, the service and the out-of-pocket expense. I thought the slow deterioration of my skin was just my middle age gravitational fate and nothing would work unless I went under the knife.

One year later, a friend recommended Jenner Chan at CMC with some amazing results she had received on some treatments. I was willing to give it another try, or at least have a free consultation.

When I walked into CMC I instantly felt at ease, it was spotless and professional, without all the “bells and whistles” of other clinics I had experienced.

During my consultation with Jenner the Clinical Director explained the reasons why this procedure would work for me and why I didn’t get results last time. Jenner has a no-nonsense, knowledgeable, professional manner and after viewing some before and after client photos she gave me the confidence to proceed, although she had reminded me there is a chance of not reaching my expectation because it is a non-invasive, not surgical procedure. I wanted to look as good as possible but I didn’t want to put myself under the knife. I crossed my fingers and booked in.

The procedure took two hours (compared to 50 minutes at the other clinic) and Jenner, gently talked me through every detailed step of the way. There was no pain but a warm stinging sensation, the intensity a little stronger on the cheekbone and lip area. I didn’t take any painkillers and I didn’t need it.

Jenner started with half my face and kept checking that I was doing OK. She didn’t rush the procedure and wanted to give me the confidence of seeing the results. We took a break and she allowed me to feel both sides, I felt my skin firmer and plumper on one side, I looked in the mirror and I saw miraculous results instantly. She took some photographs and I was won over. I could see the sagging skin under my neck had already lifted.

Although I could see the changes already she said, the greatest benefit would be in three months. Jenner was patient, calm and empathetic towards my concerns and fears. There was a little bit of redness but not noticable.

In the following weeks I waited for my friend’s reactions. I kept getting remarks that I looked “fresher”, however, after a month I still felt that I didn’t have the desired change I expected.

I returned for my one month follow up, Jenner took more images and all my despondent thoughts dissipated when I could see the dramatic change again. I realized looking at myself in the mirror everyday was hard to see the difference and I became more critical of every flaw on my face and neck.

I feel I look much younger. My skin feels smoother, clearer and firmer and I feel much more confident in my overall appearance. I caught up with a girlfriend who I hadn’t seen for six months and she said, “you look younger”. Others continue to say I look “fresher”. The best is my boyfriend who keeps telling me I look more and more beautiful.

I highly recommend Ultherapy and I am thrilled with the service I received from Jenner at CMC.

I don’t have any good pictures of myself but I might go back to Cosmetic Medical Clinic to get some before and after professional pics to get your unbiased comments.
So glad to hear you had a positive experience the second time around. You stated that Jenner explained the reasons the treatment was not successful the first time. I would love it if you would share what those reasons were!
Hi Lynn, thank you. I was told the main reasons for the treatment not being successful the first time had to do with the excess intensity levels used and minimal use of lines (amongst other things). Where my first treatment was high intensity with minimal lines, with Jenner, the energy levels were adjusted depending on the areas of my face she was treating. She also provided alot more lines than my previous treatment. She explained that my skin could not tolerate a high intensity and using it would just mean a loss of efficiency from the system as most of the energy would be scattered off the bone and not be targeted tothe areas of collagen, meaning minimal results.

Glad to hear your second experience was much better than your previous.

Do you have to follow up only that one time for post op?

I wonder if there is anything special that would help the results show faster than the 3 month mark.

I would totally love to see some pictures! 

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