Swollen Ankles Penis and Scrotum After Smart Lipo

The dr said he would flatten me out. i went for...

the dr said he would flatten me out. i went for just my chest. it was 4000 which included abs and flanks. procedure was painless. i had iv versed and demoral. oxcodone after procedure for 3 days then tylenol. now i am swollen and sore. even my ankles are sore. i dont know if he used suction or not. also my penis is slightly swollen. my scrotum is slightly swollen and has some blood in it.

I assume my fluids are just draining down. should i be concerned? what should is so? any special diet, exercise or drinks? message? how tight should by vest be and how tight should by ab wrap be?


really unsure. its too early to tell

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i think i have a similar problem here, i did stomach excercise and the next day my penis and scrotum got swollen.. I'm scared!.. Any help on what to do?

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this is normal. its just the fluids draining and gravity doing its thing. give it 2-3 days and it will go away. Im about 2.5 weeks post lipo and had the same thing. bruising will also set in about 48 hours post op. it takes time but after about 2-3 weeks Im starting to see my shape.
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What is happening, I think, is that swelling at your lipo site is preventing full lymphatic drainage. The swelling you see is scary, but as you heal it should go right away. I do not know how tight is advisable for your post surgical garments, so you should ask. You do want plenty of pressure, though.
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