Vaser High Def on Stomach and Flanks - Swelling Normal After 3 Months?

I had a Vaser High Def on flanks and stomachs on...

I had a Vaser High Def on flanks and stomachs on September 28th, 2009.

I am very glad with the results apart of the lower abds which still have a lot of swelling... I was told by my doctor that it may take 2 more months (3 months post op now). For the rest,I am very very pleased with The result as I can see the six packs!!

Thanks for answering my question : will the swelling (see attached photo)disappear in the coming months ? Many thanks for your next answers ! Olivier
Kai Uwe Schlaudraff

Very good surgeon, Vaser certified with lots of experience !

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Looks great, wondering how your doing now? I assume the swelling went down, but here is an article just in case 

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I had the exact same procedures you had done in Costa Rica, May 2008, with nearly the same results. I have the same loose skin around my pubic area as you show in your picture. Has your skin reattached/tightened up?
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Thanks Heather:-))!I was told by the doctor that everything is normal as what is under the swelling are the canals needed for the genitous parts of my body.:-)).happy now with the final results..He also told me to look at S.Stallone's pictures when hé was 40's. We can also see these kind of natural swellings, due to natural genitous canals:-)),that every man needs:-))!
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Your stomach looks great. I can def see the 6 pack showing through. Everything looks great. I think the only concern that i would have if it was me is the skin tightening around your lower regions. I would talk to the doctor and see if there is anyhting that would have to be done to correct this. Im not exactly sure what can be done for i am not an expert by anymeans but i do see some sagging of the skin. I hope everything works out for you. Please let me know what the doctor says if you happen to ask.
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Hi there Just wondered how you got on? Has the swelling gone down?
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