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I had juverderm done 4 moth before on february on...

i had juverderm done 4 moth before on february on my nasolabial and on my only wrinkel on my lip,it was verry bad,the dermatogolist injecte juverderm not good because the juverderm flow until the lip,so to dissolve with hyaluronidase 3 times and nothing change the juverderm still always but it make me a big hollow around where he injected hyaluronidase on the nasolabial and lips,over problem on the injection side on the lips it's really red after 4 month,a make laser v-beam and soft peeling and nothing change on my extrem i am with a hollow on the nasolabial and lips,i still feel the product under my skin and visible puffiness after 3 time hyaluronidas.

what can i do for the hollow?i don't wont anymore charge,fraxel could help it?
and for my redness?
and for the juverderm still under my skin?

thank you for your answer.

Hi millia,

Maybe do wait 6 months. I know it's hard with things like this, but with time the fillers seem to go away and then go back tot he doctor and see if they have a different answer.



hi britt,

well i see another doctor but he tell-me to wait,it's 6 month that i wait and nothing change.
can soom personne help-me for all my questions.

please i need help,

thanks milla

Hi milla,

Wow, it sounds like you have been through a lot for only one wrinkle, I'm so sorry. Have you gone to see another doctor see if they might be able to help? You also might want to check out the Fraxel forum for more info.  Please keep us updated.

Thanks so much for the review,



Thank for your answer,so i have a lot of v-beam...

thank for your answer,so i have a lot of v-beam treatments about 10 also with purpura,also hyaluronidase,bleaching cream doesn't go for me because i try a a few years before and it was too agressive for my skin,it burn me and my skin was really red.

what would you to recommend me?
i send you pictures,you can see the spot is betwenn red and brown its a bit orange color

tank you millia

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