37 Years Old, 4 Kids - Switzerland

I have been reading all your reviews for months...

I have been reading all your reviews for months now, and Ihave wanted to write my review for a long time, and show my pictures.
So I have 4 children that I all breastfeeded, They are 7, 6, 3 and 2 years old. My breast grew a lot during my first pregnancy and even more when I started breastfeeding my first daughter. And it went worst at each time I was pregnant. After I stopped breatfeeding my last baby, when he was 6 months old, my breast didn't want to get smaller. I coudn't stand being that big anymore and decided to do my breast reduction.
I had to pay it all, because I wasn't big enough for the insurance, I had to pay 9000 dollars.
I had my surgery done on january the 21st. Since, that day I am so so so happy.
Hear some picture of the before and after...
Good for you, you look great.
What a nice Size and Shape for your Body ! Great Results !
Amazing results!! :)

To tell you more about my decision

so let me telle you more about all my experience. So having a small and perky breast has always been a dream for me. You know, like when you are a child and you dream of being able to fly or something like that! It was a dream that I thought I could never realise! you know, here in Switzerland, plastic surgery is still a big big big taboo! I have my sister and my mom who kept telling me that I had to accept myself like I was... bla bla bla! Easy for her to say, because the two of her have a small breast!
So at the beginning of 2013, one day, I became aware that I could realise that dream, in spite of my fear! yes, because I had such a fear! The fear to Wake up during the surgery, the fear to get cut and opened (I don't know if you understand! my English is not that good!) the fear to have post-surgery problems and not be able to get back home for my children and so on...
but at the same time, I just couln't imagine to live with this enormous saggy breast all my life!!

My day of treatment : January the 21st

as I already told you, my surgery occured on january the 21st. I have been so freaking out the days and even the weeks before, that I lost not far than 3 kilos! At the end, my mum accepted my decision and also accepted to come to my place to look after my 4 chidren during the 4 days that I would be in the hospital.
So my husband gave me the lift to the hospital that cold january morning. We left home at 6 am to get to my apointment at 7 am. That morning, when the alarm clock Wake us up, I told my husband : " Oh my god, you shoud touch my beast, it is all small! I am going to call the hopsital and tell them I won't be coming!"" I was so so so freaking out!
But guess what! I got up to take my shower, and we finally made our way to the hospital!
I was so excited to have this done ! I couldn't miss it!!!
So I did my check in at 7 am, they took me to my room, gave me the lovely shirt and the drug to chill . And I loved it ! I became totally out of it and I really loved it! than they took me to the surgical unit, that is where my PS made the marks on my breast. 1,2,3,4, ..... and I woke up! With my new and lovely boobies! but that is not where the dream begun, because, the fist 4 days following the surgery were more like a nightmare! not totally but... the first bandage was so compressive, that I could hardly breathe!
Otherwise, I didn't have much pain at all, I had to ask for some stronger drug only once or twice! the first day and night, the second day, where I also got up for the first time, I could handle with paracetamol and ibuprofen 400 that's all.
Look fab - im in switzerland too although British and having op in uk!
Congratulations, do you have pictures of how you are now? What does your mother and husband think of the change?
my husband likes the new breast. He encourage me to do it. I showed once my new breast to my mum, but I wasn't very near to her. She said, "Yes, it is beautifull! And she also tell me that I did well to do it!

Some pictures of 4 months after surgery

Hi everybody,
some of you asked me for pictures. Here there are.
I don't really like taking pictures of my breast. I do not find it very beautiful. Still better than before the surgery, but you know, it is difficult for me to Watch my scars...
and the two boobs are quiet different. do you see how the left one looks out?
and after 4 months, the scars are still quiet sore.
You look amazing my breast reduction has been put back until the 16th july I hope mine look as good as urs x
You look fantastic! I'm thinking of getting this surgery done but I'm not sure how small to go. I'm sure measurements don't translate exactly across the Atlantic but could you tell me what size you were before and now after?
thank you mellieou. I can tell you my "french" size : I was a 100E before, and I am now a 95B, which is quiet small. I think this is in the US size : before 38DD/E and now 36B.
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