Swelling/scar Tissue Altering Appearance of Nose.

Hi! I had rhinoplasty over 11 months ago (so...


I had rhinoplasty over 11 months ago (so basically a year ago).  My nose was not big by any means, however it was very high/slightly up-turned (so you could see right up it), and it had a slight curve to it.

My nose looked incredible when the splint came off! Now, the bottom half is noticeably swollen, to the point where it has changed the appearance of my short-lived, cute nose.

Today, I saw my surgeon. He commented on how the results up to now are just "so-so", and said that the soft spot on the lower half of my nose which is swollen is actually "scar tissue". He injected it on the spot, and told me to come back in 2 months for more injections. What are these injections, do they actually work to get rid of the scar tissue?

I feel like actual scar tissue could never go away, and is literally impossible to get rid of. Which really worries me, 3 other members of my family have had their noses done with this doctor and have never had to receive injections.

Also, the swelling/scar tissue, up until now, seemed to gradually be getting puffier and firmer. Will my nose continue to swell up and get worse? Will it ever get better? I'm really worried and upset.

Please give some tips and advice if you can, it will be much appreciated. Thank you!

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I have scar tissue that fromed and it's almost 11 months aswell.:(
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Actually the steroid injections minimize the scar tissue making it less apparent.Steroid injections work to both minimize swelling and scar tissue. Give it a shot, and if it doesn't work, have your surgeon or another, revise it.
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No, you cannot get rid of scar tissue unless you have revision rhinoplasty and get it cut and shaped again, which is what I had to do, The injections, which are sometimes steroid based and designed to help swelling go down faster...not scar tissue, they are 2 completely different things. Sorry :(
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