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Juvederm in Upper Lip and Smile Lines - Swelling/bruising After 16 Days

I had juvederm injected into my upper lip. I had...

I had juvederm injected into my upper lip. I had deep lines above my lip that I really hated. She suggested that I also put some in the "smile lines" beside my mouth, which I decided to do. I swelled and bruised while I was still in the chair. She quickly gave me an ice pack and told me this was normal.

16 days later I am still bruised and slightly swollen. People stop me daily to ask what happened to me. Where the bruising is worst is my right side beside my mouth and I can feel a lump where the injection was done. As the bruising is finally starting to fade - it is now that lovely green/yellow tinge, it is being replaced with a white patch of skin (way lighter than the rest of my skin).

I look awful and would never have had this done if I knew this was a possibility. I have had to miss almost 2 weeks of work, because there is no way I could go out of the house looking as I did. i look as if I have been beaten or in a bad car accident.

Is this a rare result?

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be aware that this could happen to you.I was told that I wouldn't want to go back to work after having Juvederm injected because I would feel frozen like going to the dentist. I would be fine the next day and any bruising could easily be covered with makeup. No amount of makeup could hide the dark purple bruised that covered my lips and cheek. Even after 16 days, the makeup doesn't hide it. I have spent a fortune on coverup trying to hide it.

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Hi there I had 0.5 of juvederm 3 put in my upper lip 5 wks ago. It has been a complete nightmare. I have lost 1 stone in weight and am suffering from panic attacks. I asked for subtle definition around the border and was given uneven lumpy lips with a huge blister of product hanging down under my lip that caught on my brace and had to be removed by a maxillofacial surgeon. Things have improved slightly but I am still very unhappy and am avoiding mirrors at all costs. I was a very pretty girl with quite nice lips who just wanted a bit "extra" and has landed with disaster. Any girls reading this who are considering fillers please, please consider carefully how you will feel if it all goes wrong. I know this might not stop you as it wouldnt have me but ask questions, research your product and really THINK IT OVER.
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I am thinking of injecting some filler. thanks for the tip.
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My face is finally looking back to normal after almost 4 weeks. I am not sure if I look better or not. My lips still dont look quite natural, and I still have lines above my lips. I also had botox in my forehead that does look quite good. How long has it been since you had it done?
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Hey iam in Victoria and have had terrible experience too... would love to talk to somebody..... my face looks terrible..
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DON'T do it!!!$600.00 for nothing!!! I had my upper lip done and all I received was brusing and swelling. I hated it.
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I had the same awful experience. It's been 2 months and I still hate it. Will never do it again. Just look at my pictures...

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