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Hi everyone, so glad i found this community! My...

Hi everyone, so glad i found this community!

My name is Mattias, I'm 22 years old from Sweden and I got this tattoo when I was 20 years old.
Thought i was pretty cool, for me it stands for being yourself regardless what other people think. Not in i a radical way but more in a way that you should go your own way and follow your heart. I'm satisfied with the meaning of the tattoo but I regret making it so big and after some time I started to think that this quote is kind of lame.
Not one day goes by that I don't regret getting it done and I wish it would just disappear!

I have now started to look into tattoo removal with laser, do you think it will be possible to get it removed completly?
If it's not possible to get it 100% removed I think it will be better to get it covered up after a couple of laser sessions.
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Klart du kommer få bort den helt :) svart är enklast att få bort och inga problem för de laserkliniker som finns i Sverige. Vill du skynda på resultatet lite och inte har för långt dit så finns det en picosurelaser i Oslo- dit åker jag. Den är snäppet mer effektiv även på svart och ger snabbare resultat till Samma pris. Lycka till och oroa dig inte- you have an easy but to crack :)
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*nut haha. Älska autokorrektur x)
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Vilket pris har du fått per behandling? undra när picosure kommer till Sverige, om den ens gör det. Har egentligen inget emot att ha en tatuering på revbenen, så om jag skulle göra en cover up och bara bleka ner den här så blir ju kostnaden relativt låg jämfört med att försöka ta bort den helt.
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Hi Mattias. The tattoo is all black and reacts to laser very well, so I think you'll do great with removal. Be sure to check out the link that Eva has given you as it will give you a brilliant headstart with things.
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Welcome to the community!!

I totally think you will have success removing your tattoo over time, however nothing is 100% guaranteed so it is good that you are open to a cover up. Here is a link to our video section that contains information on Laser Tattoo Removal, also check out:

Good luck and be sure to keep us posted :)
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