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In january 11 weeks ago I had a procedure to...

In january 11 weeks ago I had a procedure to remove brown spots from my body, quite a few on my back, 5 on my waist and some above my stomach. They first used a fractional laser on my spots which felt hot/burning feeling. This gave me bruises that fell of in about 1 week revieling a pink skin under, though there were a few spots that didnt go all away so I went back 4 weeks later (7 weeks ago) and they then used a pulsed dye laser (green light about 500~ nm) on the spots which felt like a snap when the light flashed the skin. This also left bruises that fell off in about a weeks time and skin was pink under.

Now I am a worried.. though most of the spots are clear it still looks very ugly due to the pink skin, (2 have a bit red still in the middle). The pink spots even look larger than the original brown spot that was there. Will this pink colour fade away? will the colour be the exact same as surrunding skin? What is normal healing time? Is it possible that it will remain pink permanent? The clinic told me that it should take about 2 months, but maybe longer..

I upload a picture showing the waist which is worst..


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Well, I hope it will heal. The thing that promoted me to do the procedure was that I didn't like my brown spots and wanted them gone. I guess a bit of it have to do that my suntan from the summer faded away and I am normally not this white because of regular vacations (not this winter)
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Well, at least summer is coming back on the upswing so you should get your tan back ;) Keep us updated.



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