Lump On Breast 6 Weeks Post Op

I started with a deflated 36D cup after loosing...

I started with a deflated 36D cup after loosing some weight due to an increased workout routine. Due to this I decided I wanted to have fuller breasts again and increase the size. I am overall quite happy with the results, I am currently a 36F.

The surgery stats are the following: 440cc of silicone, over the muscle placement, transax incision.

I had a breast augmentation six weeks ago, last week I noticed a small lump on the inside of my breast. I let a week pass by to see if it would go away but it hasn't although it's gotten a bit smaller but not by much. The lump feels like a knuckle-sized water filled balloon and it's somewhat tender. You can't really see it unless I lay down. Today I called my surgeon because I know it's better to have it checked. The secretary told me I need to go to see my family doctor to have the lump checked because she doesn't think that it has anything to do with the surgery although I am very aware that it wasn't there before. I just want to know, is it the norm to be told to go to the family doctor instead of having the PS check it? Whether or not it is the norm should I go ahead and book a consultation with my family doctor or should I go ahead and book a consultation with another plastic surgeon? I am at a loss here, I've now gone from slightly concerned to very worried and I am not sure about what I should do.
LDoll, it seems odd that your surgeon's office would tell you to go to your family doctor. But when faced with this sort of challenge, it's usually easier to swim with the river than against it. Go to your family doc, explain everything, and generously hint that you think it should be your surgeon who should be looking at the issue. With any luck, your family doc should agree that you should go back to your surgeon. At that point your surgeon's secretary can't tell you to go see your family doc when your family doc feels it's something your surgeon should address. I'll admit that I'm a little concerned when a surgeon's office deflects reasonable concern like this; this is the surgeon's work and the surgeon's reputation, so if the surgeon feels that this is a health issue which has nothing to do with the surgical procedure, then that's a different story. I do hope you get this issue looked at sooner rather than later.
I am 44 years young 5'1" and 115 pounds. I lost a significant amount of weight and my old 36D cup breast are now a deflated sitting on the bottom of my 34C size bra! I am scheduled to have my lift and agmentation in 1 week and i am excited but nervous. My surgeon is suggesting 300-350cc (i chose to go with silicone) Does that size sound right? Does anyone out there have a similiar size/problem that can re-assure me? I don't want to go TOO big but I do want to get my $$$ worth...right?! Please help me...THANKS
I am 5'1" and weigh 115 pounds. i lost a significant amount of weight and went from a 36D to a 34C with most of my boobs lying on the bottom half of my bra! They look so deflated. My surgeon is recommending 300-350cc and I decided to go with silicone versus saline. I don't want to be freakishly huge but I dont want to be average God-forbid below average. Can anyone tell me if this sounds right?
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This is the first and only issue I've had with my surgery. My breasts look beautiful, full and very natural and the discomfort post op has been minimum. If it wasn't for this single issue I'd be 100% satisfied. Also I researched my Doctor quite extensively and he is well known and very well respected.

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