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I had juvederm injection's last week but I...

I had juvederm injection's last week but I have suspicions that they were fake, as my lips were bleeding really bad as she was pointing the shringe downward's and there was alot of blood, can you tell by the box it came in as it came in a white box with yellow on it with the word soft

The box should be light lilac/purple and white. It should have a lot number on it. You should not bleed too much if someone with expierence injects it. You may get a bruise and redness in the injection site. You should go back and ask to see the box. There were stories in the news where there were people that would use unsafe products.
Always go to a board cert doctor to be safe.... Good Luck!!!

I'll post your question in our Q&A section, and perhaps some of the doctors can give their opinions. It usually takes 24-48 hours to get some answers back. You can click here to check for answers.


marialw, if you haven't clicked on the link above yet you should check it out - 8 doctors have responded so far. :)

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