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Hello. I am mother to three children. My youngest...

Hello. I am mother to three children. My youngest is three. My body has gone through alot during my three pregnancies. I gained over 75 pounds during my first and my body has never been the same since. I would have loved to have this procedure after that but I knew I wasn't done having children. Now that my family is complete, I am ready to have my body back! I started my research about these procedures a little over a month ago. Google, realself, and youtube have been my friend. I learned that the best time to have the procedure is during the winter months, for several reasons. One - after my procedure, I will have to wear undergarments that, if worn during hot weather, could possibly cause heat rash and irritation. Two - it takes between 6weeks to 6 or 9 months for swelling to go away, healing to occur, and to see your true results. I want to be ready for the beach and nice sun dresses come the summer!! My surgery is a little over one month away and I am soooooo excited. At the same time, I am nervous and a little scared. I have seen some really great results and some really horrible results.... How do you know you have chosen the right surgeon? And I am wondering if I should try going through my insurance company for my breast surgery and save money......


Is his sister aziza?? I didn't notice the resemblance or the last name till after I left lol. I saw her scars and tummy too.
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Thanks for starting your story on RealSelf! You can certainly try with the insurance, but they are pretty strict with such procedures...I think reduction and reconstruction from cancer are about all they cover when it comes to breast work. It might be worth a call to your PS's office as they probably have a good idea of what would fly.

Looking forward to following along on your journey!

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I found out about Dr. Jimerson through his sister actually.... She had an abdominoplasty by Dr. Jimerson. She and I were at an event, during which I got a glimpse of how small her waist and tummy were. She is a thick chick and so that really caught me by surprise. She looked great!! She told me about her surgery and I told her I had always said I was going to have a tummy tuck after my kids. She gave me his info.

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