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Called in Nov 2012 & was scheduled for a phone...

Called in Nov 2012 & was scheduled for a phone consult Feb 2013. Called to inquire about surgery dates Dec 2012, consult got bumped up to Jan 9th. Phone consult went great, there was a cancellation so I got a Jan 31st surgery date. Great! But that also meant I had a lot of arrangements to make & fast! Work, flight, my stay in Georgia. 5 more days! I need all the prayers & advice I can get. Thanks. I'm a nervous wreck :-)


Good luck another j curve own the way lol
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Thanks Hun ;-)
hey girl! omg 3 days until your big day! so excited for you! #teamjimerson. cant wait to see him myself! ill be praying for you! bootiebeauty78 (amongst many others) have amazing detailed blogs with supply list, things to expect etc if u need guidance!! cant wait to c ur post op pix!
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