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Hello realself, after searching and seeing Dr. J...

Hello realself, after searching and seeing Dr. J on TV as well as his website photos and instagram pics i decided he is what i need in my life. i am a 28 yr old mother of 5 and it's time for me to do something that will make me happy. i paid my deposit a couple of weeks ago and it's official i will hav my new booty next year!!!!!!!! i love who i am now and i dont see anything wrong with enhancing it. Shelly is my patient coordinator and she's been awesome so far ( and she's one of my wish pics)..... i will keep you all posted as i go about this journey. Wish me luck :)


Congrats and good luck
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Shelly is awesome. Good luck with your procedure!!!
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Good luck.. I'm having my procedure April 10th with him as well, very excited and nervous.
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