I have a painful story of a female cosmetic...

I have a painful story of a female cosmetic surgeon in Surry Hills, Sydney who had shown me her folder of her past liposculpture work which looked excellent and with a Vaser machine (which is about smooth results) I thought I had found the perfect Dr, despite the large fees (especially for a cosmetic surgeon who operates from her practice under local anaesthetic.)

I went to see her in late September 2012 with hopes to remove the stubborn fat from my hips, love handles, upper and lower abs with waist, thighs- front and inner, knees, neck and chin, arms and back rolls upper and lower. She told me I would need to come in for 2 different sessions and each time there would be an additional $1500 surgery fee!! The crazy thing is I was not being admitted to a hospital and going under general...this was for her day surgery where I receive only local. I later found out the theatre fees are $300 and she is padding up the price to get more money. Really doesn't make much sense about having any extra fees as this is the office they work from- it seems like a really dodgy way to get more money from people.
I took out a loan with MAC credit for $15,000 and my mother lent me another $5K. I had the first procedure with her doing my stomach, chin, hips, love handles, front of thighs and knees. The cost of this was $10,500. She spent about 1.5 hours in total with me in the surgery - I was very surprised for this money that it wasn't a lot longer. There was no mirror showing where she was marking me before going into theatre...she just did it without showing me a thing of what she was about to do to me...
After the first surgery I was surprised to see the hips still large- when I went to see her a week later she told me that it will take some time to see the result with the hips. So I booked for the second part of the surgery. Again, another $1500 for the theatre fee and then another $5300 for her (so she had $6800 on the quote which she scribbles with led pencil- there is no formal typed out quote which I would expect when paying this sort of money with each area itemised and valued). I then asked her if for this money she can please do some on my buttocks area- she agreed to do that and reshape my buttocks even saying that she could really give them a great lift from below as they are sagging with the weight- but said she will still need to charge some more and crossed out the quote of $6800 and wrote $7300. She was quite crafty as she didn't bother to write down on the list that she was doing the buttocks as well- she had just said to me that she will do a great job in shaping this area and to leave it to her and that 'she will cover everything'- I felt very trusting of her at that moment and didn't think that she wouldn't keep her we walked out of her office smiling.
The day of my second surgery on the 23rd of October was when the real nightmare began. I arrived and paid the full $7300 (now up to $17,800) when I went in to get drawn up by her I asked why she wasn't drawing around my buttocks area and she quickly and assertively said 'i'm not doing your buttocks it's too difficult a job'....I broke down crying as I was so excited about the idea of having a new bum and having it a little smaller like she said she would was like speaking to another person....she had assured me of how great it will be in the meeting and now when I'm ready to get operated on and have paid she completely did a 360 and acted like she never said this. I told her that she had added an extra $500 which I had just paid and demanded that this be refunded- she refused sharply and said 'no way'. I was so upset and didn't know what to do as I was so excited about this next procedure and had such high expectations. I told her that instead of the buttocks that she now says is 'impossible' to do' to do my back (flanks and bra rolls) which she begrudgingly agreed to do. She took me into theatre and as I laid there waiting for her to start I confirmed that with doing the arms she would be doing the base of the arms where they connect to the body and underarm area- she flatly said 'no' and this will be an extra charge! I have now looked back at the before photos which she has finally given to me 1 year later and it shows that she had drawn in the underarms before I was on the surgery table and must have decided in the moment that this could be a good way of requesting more money from me as I didn't know what was drawn on me- I was covered up and had sedatives already running through my system. She said that because she would be doing the back rolls and the base of the arms that I will need to give her a further $800! I told her I wouldn't be paying anymore for this as she has already ripped me off an extra $500 for the buttocks which she has gone back on doing and needs to do the flanks in its place- the underarms should not even come into it as they have been paid for !! She said she would do it and we'll work out the payment later.
She spent about 1 hour at the most this time in surgery with me.
When driving home I got a phone call from her surgery from the receptionist saying that the Dr had asked for an extra $800. I told her that I would not be paying this as she knows and that I will come in and speak to her when I have my check up in a couple of weeks.
When I went in to see her I was very upset with my results. The hips from the first operation were still blown out and not smooth looking...they were not brought in like I wanted them to be and almost looked untouched (which they were- I have just seen my before photos and she never even drew them in! She had only drawn in the love handles above the hips). My main concern was my width in my hips and this was not any better...if anything the shape was worse now. The stomach had 2 very prominent dents. The neck was not any different and now I had a strange triple bubble chin when I pressed my neck down. My back rolls were not gone nor was the fat at the base of the arm which was always a big issue for me. There was still a lot of fat around the front of the thigh and the knee. My weight hadn't changed either nor were my measurements!! She was on the defensive as usual and started asking for her extra $800 and said that it is fine if she doesn't get that money but she was regretting ever having me as a client now because of it. How disgraceful to say that to your patient who has paid you close to $20K for a few hours work! She was being so rude, cruel and lazy with me. I had been so nice to her and not a rude client either....I really trusted her to do the right thing. She told me to let everything heal over the next 6 months and then come back in and see how it has settled. I went back in before April and was very unhappy and demanded at least we do the hips (which were now bubbled out and not a smooth shape as they hadn't been touched) along with the front of my thighs, knees and dents in stomach. She said that I still owed her this $800! I told her again that she charged me an extra $500 on that quote - she could see where she scribbled out the $6800 and wrote $7300 but wouldn't admit to why she did that...I asked her how could she charge me for the flanks when there was no difference at all and the underarms which should be part of the arm (and they were as mentioned earlier). So she said $1500 and I will do these areas (hips, thighs and knees) for you. I stupidly accepted because I had spent so much with her that I just wanted it to be done right. She then patronised me and said that she can get the number of a psychiatrist for me to talk to me about my body self esteem issues! I was horrified....funny she didn't tell me this before she took all my money! So on April 12th I paid the $1500 and went in for the 3rd operation. Again she brought me to tears. When she went to draw my hips she marked only an area the size of a golf ball on each side!!!...I quickly told her that I wanted her to cover all the hip area please! She got on her high horse and said 'No! You can leave if you want to and you can take your $1500 back- I'm not doing any extra there's no fat in there for me to take!' I showed her the 2 handfuls of fat on each side of me sticking out and asked her how she could say that!! I suddenly snapped and turned from being Miss Sweet to Miss Angry! I told her I would be going to the newspaper to tell them my story of horror....she quickly tried to sweetly calm me down (which was a first for her and just goes to show what an act she puts on) she said she will go over the whole hip area but not sure if she will get fat out.....she rushed through the process- maybe spending just under an hour. She took a large amount of fat from the hip area which she tried to say was weight gain from me but the truth is I had been dieting religiously, had gained no weight and that area was never any smaller at any point in the last few months....nor did she even touch it originally. She didn't bother to shape me nicely around my hips to keep my feminine hourglass side is now left with a massive half a moon cut out the side and is totally uneven. The front of the thighs and the knees were gone over but haven't made a huge difference and still handfuls of fat on the areas. The stomach still had the dents in them and had made no difference.
In August I was going on my first trip to Europe with my partner - he had pointed out to me, which I was very aware of, about the large roll of fat now prominent and bubbled out along my lower back...this looked horrible and made me look like a boy. Not something you expect to see after paying nearly $20K and you wear jeans with a layer of fat hanging over the back. Obviously when she took all the fat from my hips she didn't align it with my love handles which needed to be shaped to fit with the smaller hips....I went in to see her and told her I needed this fixed urgently. She was unable to fit me in (which was a lie as I spoke with the receptionist earlier that day and she said her surgery diary was completely open). She said she could only do it the day before my trip in 3 weeks time! So I ended up changing my flights which cost me $500 to do and had to rent a hotel for 1 week before leaving so I could heal (I had just moved out of my apartment). She said she will need to charge 'theatre fees' of $300. I found it strange that it was $1500 before? So I paid this amount of $300- went in to surgery where she took out less than 1/5th of a cup of fat from the area. When I was away my partner said it is now worse than before...not only is the fat still there bulging but the area is all now dented and uneven. It looks shocking. The day I got back from overseas after being away for 5 weeks I called her surgery and made a time to see her. I told her how unhappy I was with the result and she said she won't be doing anything more on me and tried to fob me off. I told her it needed to be fixed!! She said to come back in a few weeks time and let it settle more. I went home and decided enough was enough! I rang up her reception and gave it to the girl on the end of the phone and demanded that I get a surgical date to fix this! She said that the Dr will need to see me again before making a surgery date- this was ridiculous- she had just seen me today!! So I again had to wait another few weeks to get another appointment where I told her she needs to FIX THIS....she said she will do it in a very unfriendly way...told me I need to pay the $300 fee again- I was so desperate that I said yes! I just wanted this fixed! She took me to the front desk to make a time for surgery- gave me the surgery wash to use the night before and my appointment was made for October 29th. The day before the surgery the receptionist called to confirm and even asked if I could come in a little earlier as the Dr was free all day. I confirmed for 1pm. The day of the surgery my 92 year old grandfather was rushed to hospital and was dying. I went to see him first and then painfully left his bedside as I had my surgery appointment which I didn't want to be late for and put out the Dr. When I went in, I was still emotional after seeing my poor grandfather....the Dr sat me down and looked at me blankly and said 'I don't have you down for any surgery'.....again she decided to do her old 'I don't know what you're talking about' game! I couldn't believe her! I had waited for this appointment for over a month.....she purposely put the appointment a month later after seeing her so she could play airy fairy....would have looked a bit too obvious her playing 'dumb' a week later so I see now why she made the surgery date for then. She said that she could still do it today but it will cost $1500!!! I told her she said it would be another $300 and she shock her head and said I can come back another day when I have the money. I had taken time off work for the next 7 days preparing for this surgery and had a friend in the car who took the day off to drive me home. She is a very rude, selfish and inconsiderate person. I immediately asked for my before/after photos which I had asked for many times before and it was never given to me. She always had excuses saying they weren't ready. I took photos of all the photos she had taken. She had taken others also but they weren't in my file. I asked for the receipts for all my payments - she gave me only the first three receipts (for first three surgery dates) missing around $5K of the apparent theatre fees on them! I asked for ALL the receipts which should total to $19,600 and she said that she will send the rest to my email- this has never arrived. I have called twice now and asked and they either do not answer the phone or the receptionist says she will talk to her and get back to me, which she doesn't. The final insult was when the Dr said to me that I hadn't even paid the full $7300 on the second surgery date!! She said 'remember you owed me money?' I told her that I HAD paid the $7300 and she wanted ANOTHER $800! She is now trying to say that she is sure I didn't pay the $7300 in full to her reception even though there is a receipt there for it!! I have a credit card statement showing the money coming out which I will be showing her. How unprofessional!!! She is running a very sly practice and charging people top dollar which plastic surgeons would charge for a hospital booking. The work she has done is totally unacceptable and has left me worse than when we started. Time, care and effort has not been spent on me. I was expecting at least 12 hours of surgery minimum for this sort of money!! I'm the same size in clothing, same weight but now just dented everywhere, have a chunk missing from one side of my hip and left with rolls of fat. I wish I could go back in time and cross her name off the list of options. I will be pursuing all my money back. I am so upset and hurt by this woman. This whole ordeal has been horrific and it was supposed to be the biggest gift I was giving myself when I took out the loan for my 30th birthday. I will not stop at anything till I get my money back...I don't want her touching me again as I could never trust her. I have a very close friend who is an ex magistrate and is a barrister with various law firms throughout Sydney and Melbourne. I will be meeting with him this week to prepare a case. I am also dealing with the Fair Trading and opening up a case against her. Once I have my money back I will find a plastic surgeon with great feedback (she had no feedback anywhere on the internet- there's not a lot for australian surgeons) and I will be happy to travel to the states if need be so I can get my body fixed.
I see people around the world on here who have spent a third or a quarter of what I have spent and they end up with great obvious results. I have uploaded a lot of photos for you all to see with comments on each describing the obvious issues. Thanks for reading this and I hope this helps anyone....especially those in Sydney. Be very careful!!!!

Just spoke to clinic and still they won't give me copies of my receipts and quotes.

I just spoke to the clinic again and to Dr Nair asking for my full receipts and the original quotes- she is saying that she will need someone else to find these for me on Monday. She also promised I will have copies of the quotes sent to me when I saw her 2 weeks ago and now she is saying that she doesn't give out copies of the quotes!?? I mean, is this lady even serious?? I asked her how she doesn't give copies of quotes of work that was done to me and that I paid for....and she just brushed me off the phone. I will be going over today to get these quotes myself. I am now taking formal action. I will keep this updated. Thank you everyone for your kind support with this.

The Handwritten Scribbled Quotes and Letter of Demand

Hi Everyone,

I hope you are all doing well and things are going well in your surgeries or recovery. I wanted to upload the infamous quotes that she finally had the receptionist email to me after I called about 15 times and sent numbers emails- I even went to the clinic to demand them. As you can see she has scribbled on the list in lead pencil the items which I apparently paid for....
1st session ($10,500)
Upper and Lower Abs- This was done leaving pit marks all over my stomach with 2 massive dents. The upper abs wasn't done so high, leaving a roll of fat left under my boobs
Hips- This was totally left out as you can see where you drew on me...I still can't believe she just decided to not do this area at all after I paid this huge fee and then made me pay another $2K later to do it!!! I only realised after I saw the before after photos which she was so reluctant to ever show me.
Waist- This area was done- doesn't do anything for me as it was not streamlined with my hips that i had done later and now resulted in a boy shape with a lumpy roll of fat around the lower waist and love handles.
Inner thighs- She crossed this out on the form and intended to do it in the next surgery.
Front thigh- This was an absolutely joke- she drew a small section on the front, didn't even bother covering the whole front thigh....she stopped halfway down leaving a large area of fat above the knee and made sure she didn't go too far towards the side...that would mean more of her precious time now wouldn't it?! And we don't want her wasting that.
Pelvic- This was another joke! She has left me shaped so weirdly....she took a little bit of fat from either sides of the mons pubis and has left a dented and warped shape...I wish I could have it back to what it was before. Shocking.
All that for $10,500....and about 1.5 hours at the most in her day theatre under local. Would anyone in their right mind want to take up that great offer??? If you do, call the Ashbrooke Cosmetic Clinic and ask for Dr Nair.

2nd Session ($7,300)
Upper Arms- This is where on the operating table she said I will need to pay her another $800 if I wanted her to do the joining part of where my arm meets my underarm!!! She only did one side of the upper arm as you can see in the photos and didn't even bother going all the way around. The result is no different to my arms before! There is still the same fat at the tops of the arms.
Inner Thighs- She has left me with irregular shape as you can see in the photos- there are two prominent dents on the thighs along with bulges up the top near the groin which she never even bothered touching.
Knees- This is an area I asked her to do again as there way no difference at all!!!! The fact that she left the fat at the top of the knees/lower thigh didn't help with the results
Flanks- Another area that was NOT TOUCHED....see the photos
Lower Buttock- I have no idea what she is talking about with this one as she never touched my buttocks!! This is what made me so upset when going into this surgery- she told me suddenly just as I was going into the operating room that she couldn't do it anymore and gave me no refund for it either. She did a tiny little incision on my lower left banana fold and didn't touch the right. Maybe she just did that to screw with my head and leave me uneven which is what exactly happened.

3rd session ($1800)
This little quote she has just drawn up herself the other week when I have been pestering her for my quotes. I can't believe all the BULLSHIT she has written on it!! This was specifically to do my HIPS and go over my KNEES and FRONT OF THIGH. Is she even serious writing down saddle bags, buttock???? Where is it written HIPS?? This is what I went in to have revised but she must have realised when I asked for the photos that I would work out that she never even included the hips on the first session now that I have seen my before and after she has put together a whole new quote which is all lies!!! Look at the before photo when I went in for this revision.....those are hips she has drawn in...not saddlebags!!!

4th session ($300)
revision on the lower back where the large roll of fat is that was left when she didn't contour my body with my hips and waist. Made IT WORSE....Look at my recent after photos and look at the square fatty roll at my lower back all with lovely dents from her skilled hand. Great surgeon.

Anyone in Sydney who has experienced this woman, can you please private message me and let me know if you would like to pursue damages for what has been done for you. She is a very smooth operator and she needs to be stopped. I have sent her a Letter of Demand today and if she doesn't refund my money in full so that I can find a suitable Dr to fix me then I will go full throttle and not stop till this person pays 50 times more at least for what she has done to me.

All the support and encouragement has made me stronger, thanks to you girls out there. I can't begin to thank you enough. I will not stop - even if it takes my entire life...this woman will not see the back of me till she does the right thing and gives me my money back....I have 2 different law firms ready to take me on and will report her to the Fair Trading and Health Care Commission of NSW if she doesn't cooperate. I will even go to national TV where I have someone who will introduce me to a reporter with A Current Affair. If I am on, I will definitely let you all know!!! I have worked too hard to see my money go down the toilet and be left with a body like that just because of a woman who is too mean and too selfish to do the right thing. Karma is a bitch.

My face ruined

My jaw line and side of lower face 3 months before Dr Nair took it upon herself to remove fat from the area. She was supposed to do my neck but completely left that out and pulled fat from my face which gave me an uneven and jowl appearance which has aged me and is not as soft or attractive. She has ruined my face.

Face ruined

This is me now in fancy dress on the weekend. See my jaw line and look at it before I had the surgery. I never asked for this and didn't even get my neck done after all that....she had no clue what she was doing and now I have to live with a face that looks 5 years older and sags at the jowls because of Dr Nair.
Dr Sarojini Nair

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