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33 Years Old, 2 Kids, Not Overweight, but with Herniated Bellybutton and Muscle Separation - Surrey, BC

The main impetus for this tummy tuck was an...

The main impetus for this tummy tuck was an increasingly large herniated bellybutton. I am a professional bellydancer on the side, and having that bellybutton after my second child was the bane of my existence. Hated it. Since I had to get it surgically corrected, I decided to get the muscles repaired as well (2.5 inches of separation at the widest point, although the muscles themselves were, and are, very strong). And as part of the tummy tuck, I lost the small amount of loose skin and fat that I had collected around my waist. Yay!
Surrey Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Ward and his whole staff were incredible professional, considerate, and expert. I was very happy with them.

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Looking great! I can't wait to show off mine. Hope your recovery goes well!
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Your tummy looks perfect! Good for you!
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