I had a consultation with Dr. Lane (I like that...

I had a consultation with Dr. Lane (I like that name). I had questions for him based on what I read on this website. He told me not to gain weight so that no fat would be wasted, (I doing know there was a legal limit!)
and the leaner I am the more the illusion and sexy curvature.
I work out quite a bit but could not tackle those stubborn areas without losing a lot of weight. I went to Dr. Stile (another great surgeon) and he was able to contour my body. Unfortunately he did not do BBLs at that time so I saved my tummy. Dr. Lane who's a top surgeon in NV will now be adding me to list of patients.
Welcome and congratulations! Any pics of his work and ur b4 sx to share?
I'm going to post the Preops later. If you want to see the doctor you can find him on here. Dr. Lane Smith
Read my journal click on my name...two parts enjoy!


Preop Photos

Wish Pics

Goal After Surgery

You're going to look great hun! Can't wait to see your results!
Congrats and good luck
I think you'll look better than your wish pics. Good luck on your journey.

Blood Work

I just had my bloodwork done for surgery !!!!
You will look amazing you already skinny. :) good luck
Thank you. Like with a lot of people on here, you work out so much and there's just parts of the body that are just stubborn to weight loss. I don't want to drop anymore weight and when I do, it's always in my butt and chest! Noooooo!
Yes you will look great! Good luck.

Onward with BBL

My doctor called me with my blood results. Everything came back negative(good) so all I'm waiting for is my PRE-OP appointment on the 26th. In the mean time, I feel like I've gained weight in my stomach. I've been working OT and haven't had time to go to the gym 2-3 times a week like I usually do. I need to get back at the gym.
Also I've been thinking about going to a massage school for my lymphatic drainage. Why not? $15-20 for 1 HOUR.....
You have a great foundation good luck on your results.

Alien Booty

I've been doing nothing but reading tips on this site and analyzing wish pics. So I had the strangest dream last night. I dreamt after surgery I was helping a male friend out with a charity event and I said something about how nice a girls butt looked and he said, "Actually I can't keep my eyes off of yours" I then looked in the mirror and it was sitting up so sigh and shaped like a dinner plate. I literally had a FLYING SAUCER booty. I screamed then woke up! Wow! If that's the dreams I'm having now, I'm scared after my pain meds are prescribed!
Bwahahahahha, girl you got me here cracking up all loud and what not.

What was I thinking?!

I woke up this morning with all these thoughts in my head. I made my sx for May bc I have 4.5 weeks of vacation. I didn't really think about how I LIVE IN LAS VEGAS! May is a cool month until the end and beginning of June. Omg! Who wants to wear a faja when it's 117?!!!!! I live here for many reasons, and the heat is one of them. I love it.....but not in a faja! I was contemplating on whether to reschedule for Jan. 2015. Or should I just suck it up?

Pros for May 2014

...30 vacation days off
My mothers help during recovery


...Wearing faja and other garments during summer months June & July??
...Don't get to go out as much with my mom and family

Pros of 2015

...Cooler months
...um.....cooler months

Cons of 2015

...A 10% possibility I may not get as many vacation days, but most likely will.
...No one to take care of me. Cats don't count.
...I get to hang out with the family instead of recovering.
....Possible fee charged for date change. IDK.....

Part of me just wants to get this over with.

oops one of my cons for 2015 is a pro..the one about family

oops one of my cons for 2015 is a pro..the one about family

Butts everywhere!

Even in my wall!
Girl wearing a faja in warm weather sucks big time and lipoed areas are very sensitive to the heat. I had a BBL 12 weeks ago and I went to Disneyland over the weekend and I was miserable bcs the heat was torturous on my lipoed areas. I wasn't swelling anymore and the heat made me swell so much front and back and my hips grew 1/2 inch bcs of the swelling.. not fun.
Its May and it's already warm here. It doesn't cost anything to change my date, but I honestly just want to get it over with. I don't think I can take being obsessed with the surgery for an entire year! How long after the surgery do u wear a faja? My surgery is May 12th. I return to work June 11. At approx what month do I stop wearing it?
I wore my faja for 6 weeks day and night simply because I was off work for 6 weeks. I did not want to wear it at work under my clothes bcs you could see it right around my thigh area under my pants. Once I started working I would wear it only at night on the nights when I could stand wearing it bcs I would get very itchy. I know what u mean about not wanting to put it off for so long tho! That's how I felt too. I wanted it done right away! And I did. No one can prepare u for the recovery. It is very tough simply bcs of all the areas lipoed. The booty part does not hurt...at least mine didn't. You just feel very sore and stiff. Then u get swollen and itchy. I know it's tough deciding when to do it. But it looks like u got everything in place. Regardless of weather u do it now or in cooler weather recovery is tough. It's up to u girl! I'm excited for u!

This used to be HOT!

Lol over what used to be sexy.
So what did you decide? Gonna wait or go through with it.
Hello, I wish you luck on your surgery your gonna look fantastic. So you have had lipo?
Thank you! Yes

Gym Withdrawels

Surgeon said not to gain anymore than 3 lbs and that if I didn't have enough fat he wanted to take some from my arms. So I chose to gain a few pounds. Well I stopped working out and I can not only SEE it, but I can feel it. I'm tired all the time and irritable. I went to the gym today and didn't care about losing -----I couldn't believe I was so tired from normal cardio/weights. My lungs were burning and when I slowed down the cardio my heart rate was between 160-175....that's usually when I'm pushing it hard! I was considering waiting until January 2015 to get my surgery but I just want to get it over it over with and hit the gym again. I can't take this squishy stomach I'm developing. It makes me so uncomfortable and my clothes are tight.
I'm gonna do it! I already set my personal trainer after surgery. I need to quit playing around and get on it.
I def understand. I'm ready like now!

Saving Some Money

I found halter dresses are for $9 @ walgreens and waist cinchers, corsets, fajas, and other compression garments are $9.99 at Burlington Coat Factory! I've seen the same ones online in the store just under a generic name. Even if for some reason you still wanted to pay online I think it's awesome that you can atleast try them on in the store to get your correct size instead of guessing before you purchase online

15 more days!

I'm dreading being immobile. .........

Almost time

In two hours my pre-op consultation....time is flying!

4 more days until surgery

I picked up all my prescription meds and I found out I will NOT have drains. I'm kinda glad. The thought of those attached to me was giving me anxiety. The only thing that sucks is it looks like I'll be having my period during that time. It's been coming 3days early for the last 3month's, now it's one day late. How annoying.
Can't wait to see ur results:) my sx is on May 20. I live in the CA and I'm dreading the heat as well.
If it was me I Would SUCK IT UP!! The sooner the better ;) GO for it girl!!! I wish I had that choice!! I'm currently paying installments and so frustrated looking at the nice reviews and I'm sitting here still with a flat butt! -.- good luck with everything :-)
You are so close!! By the way, I will be in Vegas tomorrow! I'm going for the weekend! =)

one more day......

Thanks guys. I haven't done anything. I have a ton of last minute stuff to do tomorrow. Even tho this is all about the BBL, I'm more excited about getting this weight off of me, especially in my stomach. Since day one I stopped working out my motivation has gone out the window. I'm ready to get some good sleep and rest Monday and get back on track with a PT in June.

Post op day3

A utter nightmare........
lol i agree! utter nightmare! i am 8 days out. it gets better VERY slowly. hope you are happy with results
How did anyone go #2? Can anyone be specific, i won't be offended
Taking Aloe Vera supplements worked for me. 3rd day.

did this work?


cant sleep

I'm a zombie....I refuse to sleep, it's so painful. Sleeping causes my legs to burn and swell from laying on them. I rather get up ever 10-15 minutes, pee excessively and walk around.

day 5

day 5


So if you look at my legs on day 5 you could tell I was in serious pain. They were like sausages about to POP! So it's been like that and the nurses kept saying its normal. Finally today I dug out OLD lipo garment from 2012, cut out the butt and used it. It was a huge lifesaver! Mainly bc it compressed my ENTIRE leg instead of just at the knee. So today I was able to ride face down in the front seat, go to 3stores then return home with tolerable pain. My booty and other lipo'd areas don't hurt, but my legs are AWFUL. I'm supposed to go see the actual Dr. Tuesday. I really don't care if ANYONE starts hating on my back up garment there bc I honestly believe they gave me a size too small. Remember....I've had lipo before and I've NEVER had this excessive burning before. Overall....I haven't looked at myself from a cosmetic standpoint yet. I really just want to done with this excruciating thigh agony. Anyone got rug burns on their forearms n elbows yet? Haha....


Some Sorta Damn Relief

Wow look at that booty , u look great.
Thanks! I'm ready to sit!
Glad to see your post, been thinking about you! About that booty hunny. Yesssssss mama! That's exactly what I'm talking about. Do you. Know how many CC's? Looking good. Happy healing, hope the thigh pain eases up soon.

I forget I had this!!!!!!!

3months ago I purchased a massage chair and this came with it as a free gift! I never used it! It says you shouldn't lay down with it- ---BUT OH WELL! Feels so good while laying in the stomach!
Hang in there sweetie! Your booty is rockin'!
Omg! I love your name!!!!!!!!!! Haha
TY! Was hoping it would make someone laugh.

Day 12

Still swollen especially the thighs, but I can now sleep at night withOUT my LEGS BURNING ON FIRE from numbness. Now my knees are very sore from the swelling trauma. Dr. Lane said things get better from now on and he's right. He also told me I don't have to wear my garment anymore! Yaaaay. After the swelling I'll start wearing a BUTT-IN garment. In a few days I'll be buying another corset...it's getting too big. So overall I'm dealing with stiffness and knee pain, but feel good enough to go out and walk around.

Morning Booty Check

I could feel the swelling has gone down in my booty....and I'm a little glad. Dr. Lane gave me just what I asked for which was NOT this big huge booty on my back. It was important that it fit my petite frame of my body. So far. ...I'm happy with the foundation he gave me. I can't wait to shape it in the gym.

one photo left out

I want my body too look just like yours! I hope you don't mind but iman show my doc your pics!!!!!
Thanks! That's ok! Lol
Also, what I like about it is when I wear clothes/dresses it sits up just right, but not to the sky. Lol


I keep checking to make sure it's still there.
Sexy mama!!! HOT!!!!!!!! Super HOTTTTTTTT!!!! You look good baby!!!!
Thank you!!!!!!!!!!
Big difference from the before and after. Congrats!

On the movie THE COLOR PURPLE, what would Ms. Millie say? "I'M DRIVIN! I'M DRIVIN!"

Today I drove with my boppy pillow under my thighs. I wasn't ready to fully commit to sitting.
I did another booty check this morning. I like how it looks in my clothes. There's no excessive projection and that's my preference to maintain a small frame of body. But once you take a peek underneath, there's alot going on. Undercover booty. I like to not show all my cards. Haha....

3 week measurement

My stomach feels like I did a million abs. By the way, I rather run 6miles (which I have) than do AB EXERCISES---I HATE THEM. This is the first day its felt that way. Its feels so sore and swollen. Maybe getting in and out of the car mixed with this hot ass weather here.

Waist 29----still have a ways to go

Butt----43 (a little over 42.5 Saturday----maybe it was the ice cream I ate! Lol)
Well you look fine girl...you was ready ;) congrats
Wow you look so great !!!! Congratulations !!!!!
Thank you!

Gym clothes still fit?

Some fit, some are xtra tight. My thighs are still numb and swollen but by week six when I'm medically cleared to work out, hopefully they won't feel that way.
I lost a booty inch or two but it's ok. I have a goal in mind and the bum I have now gets me close to it.

Gym clothes test

My Goal

Wow he did an amazing job. I love how your booty has projection and it still looks extremely natural. nothing makes it look like it was worked on. Happy healing. Glad your doing good. I enjoyed reading your review. Im going to DR in january to get a TT and BBL so this helped. Do you mind if i use one of your booty pictures as my wish picture? I have seen on here alot of the ladies like really big booties and thats not me, i want a nice big booty but nothing that screams BBL you know. Your pre op pictures looks alot similar to how i look right now
Thank you! At first that's what I thought I should have too...but when I thought about my own lifestyle like exercising and my job I realized what fits someone else may not fit my body. Alot girls on here are models and dress up, and it looks glamourous, but I'm just a tshirt, and skinny jeans girl. I didn't want to look awkward. Im getting a personal trainer for the first time and I thought about me dropping weight with small legs and torso and this huge butt. I know myself, and guys checked me out BEFORE surgery and it made me uncomfortable, so I'm not one who deals with drooling and gawking well. Haha. I just want to get to the gym, do my thing, and leave. So with proper diet and training Im hoping to shape it up a little more. I've already had to take my work pants to be altered. Using my photos is not a problem! Thanks again
I know exactly what you mean. After i had my baby i had to buy new clothes because nothing fitted me. But now that all of the baby weight has burned off i have a small booty and this mommy pouch im hating. If i have my ipod it helps out with the guys gawking. I am just like you i dont take well to men doing that and saying comments. Men drool and gawk at me now even with my fiance around so i know its going to be worse, thats why i am mentally preparing for the extra unnecessary attention.


Question for everyone. After going through surgery and losing body fat, has anyone's menstrual cycle been affected???? I use the app Period Tracker, and it's sooooooo late!
You look AWESOME girl!! And "yes" I do think the period gets affected. Some people get it days after surgery (uninvited). That's been the case for me and 2 other friends. So I'm assuming it can also delayed it, since the body went thru trauma, and it's trying to recuperate (homeostasis) .Take care
Phew! Thank you!

Say Cheese!

I had my 3rd Post Op appointment today with Dr. Lane. It went well. He said I'm forming nicely and took a bunch of post op photos. He suggested I not sit for another 2weeks, which was my original plan. I'm also able to wear a BUTT-IN garment now, which is cool. He said in 2 weeks I can go to the gym as well. My thighs are still warm and numb and swollen. Its weird tho. Sometimes it looks big, and right now it looks like it shrunk tremendously!----Right after the appointment. I just measured it, its 42.....I know it was 42 a while back, but I don't know if its paranoia or actual truth but it looks so much smaller to me. Its so frustrating but I refuse to gorge on food bc I can't go weight train. I'm eating healthy--but not dieting. Plus....I dont even have the appetite I used to have. Dr. Lane said that I still have a bunch of swelling and when he sees me in 2months I should be much smaller frame wise to give more of an appearance of a larger butt. Ughhh.....I hope and pray I don't lose anymore----this surgery was stressful, but doing double takes when passing a mirror is even more stressful!
Ur results are great though very natural!! I measure every day lol
My butt seems smaller now that I've been working out for a while butt I think it's just in my head (and my bf swears he knows it's I'm my head). I still measure 43" but I guess it's getting rounder which isn't bad. Don't worry about yours, especially if u see u still measure the same. You will continue seeing lots of changes. ;)
Sighhhhhhhh........I'm booty exhausted.

Booty News

Tabloids are bashing Kloe K's "unnatural" BBL.....how embarrassing. That sister can never get a break!


So many of you asked me after surgery how many CCs I got and I was in so much pain---I didn't know OR care. Haha....Finally after all this time I remembered to ask!

680 each cheek ---1360
Hahahaha! Your review made me laugh. U make me want to stop being lazy and hit the gym. I was super into fitness before gaining weight for surgery and I've avoided exercise since :( but u look fab. You got the perfect size for your frame. It actually looks really big even though I know that wasn't your goal
Nah unnnn. You got. 1360 per cheek. How the say I got 1300 per cheek and your butt looks bigger than mine???
That's what they said when I asked the nurse. I said how many ccs did I get and they said, 680. I said, PER CHEEK, RIGHT? And they said YES. I was surprised too! I was thinking----THAT'S IT?! Maybe I had more to start with? But you and I have pretty much been the same frame from the beginning.

Another Booty Inch Bites the Dust!

Bad news is....I went down to 41inches,
but(t), GOOD news is I tried on my favorite pair of pants and they are super tight. Not only that, those pants I always wore with a larger shirt to hide my lack of booty, bc they'd always be baggy in the back so thats a HUGE difference to go from constantly pulling them up in the back to now I'm busting at the seams. I still think once I get into the gym things will change as well. Even if it got a bit smaller it will be rounder and hopefully a bit higher.
Urrrrrrgh I'm hating you right now! I'm not looking at your pics anymore. I'm jealous, you have what I want. And I have nothing. I'm hoping by the end of the week things start looking up. I don't even have fat left for another round!


Today was the first day I met with a personal trainer. According to my BMI I'm obese, which is odd bc I stressed to them I didn't want to be too skinny and that my focus was NOT on the scale, but how lean and toned I'll be. After taking my measurements we did a trial run just to see how much I can do. I heard my trainer has been accused of pushing people too hard, so the fact that I was able to do everything she told me to do (without complaint) sorta scares me. It makes me think she'll give me the HAMMER! So anyways she's emailing me the meal plan and I meet with her twice a week. This was my first real workout since December (weight gain for surgery). As we were doing legs I could feel my left butt cheek burning. According to the PT manager he told me this training would produce more projection and create muscle in the glutes. I'm interested in what it will produce.
A nosey female co worker asked me at work what I've been doing and I said a lot of squats, but I honestly don't feel like I look any different in regular clothes, but my work pants it kinda sits out. I joked around with my mom about round 2 and she flipped out leading us to argue. I never really wrote about the recovery bc it was so devastating at the time. I fainted when I got home from surgery and the fact that she had to give me shots and dress me made her question my sanity not only for the first round, but for a "joking" second round.
Here are some current pics. You can see there's a lot of swelling that has gone down and even though its early I actually think this is how it will look IF I chose to keep my body as is, but I will drop weight with the PT, so who knows how it will look. My thighs are still numb and swollen and some of that is probably due to it being 106 degrees here! My butt on a good day is 42, but it maintains 41-41.5.
I hear a lot about fluffing. I'm not too sure what that means but I don't want to make any decisions until around September. My doctor STRESSED that I work out ASAP, so we'll see. As far as these pictures you'll see at certain times, certain clothes, and angles there's projection, and then there's not. Overall its more than what I had.
Your butt is stil waaaaaay bigger than mine! ( Drops mic and stomps out of room!)
You're cracking me up!!! It really isn't! I wish I could show u in person. It may be 1-2 plumps more but it looks just like yours in that green dress---which isn't bad for us, but I 100% know what u mean by a surgery booty. A surgery booty---there is a higher expectation.
I figured it out. Pics have a small C shaped booty and you have a fuller D shaped booty. The expectation is something we couldn't have gotten in the gym. For this I could have gain 20 lbs of muscle.

Desert Booty

Maybe the 112 degree weather is swelling it, or my personal trainer is aiding with projection. Probably the latter. It fluctuates. ....never consistent. Tomorrow it will be hiding! Haha

After the gym

I love ur results! Does ur pt know about ur sx? I'm 6wks today but I'm still worried about working out. I only started hiking this past Sunday.
She knows. I told her from the very beginning bc I still have numb legs. At 6weeks my doctor was adamant about me working out bc he said the leaner I am, the bigger it will appear especially when your back is lean and creates that S dip.
I love ur s dip lol. Ur booty pops yet its natural looking. your ps shaped u nicely.

Bootie Don't Fail Me Now!

Crossing my fingers as I drop weight!

More pics

We Are The Champions My Friends.........

This will probably be my last posting for a while until there is possibly a major change in body shape. Nothing too interesting is going on. All I can do now is drop weight, and work towards my fitness goals to enhance the bottom. I do notice that with the healthier eating, and PT, its sitting up much higher than it has been. I was ignoring it and dealing with volume loss then other people started commenting on it. I couldn't believe it bc I didn't think anyone would notice. A guy and a girl on two separate occasions asked me why it was so round and big in my uniform pants. I blamed it on squats. A third person said she wished her butt looked that good in her uniform pants! I was in complete shock. After all, I stopped measuring it everyday, and just said...whatever and focused on just being fit. I did not do it for "look at me" status, but just so my body would appear proportionate in my clothes---especially gym clothes. I almost feel a little guilty when people ask me about it, bc they think I was either born this way, or manufactured it in the gym.......but I just say thank you and keep it a secret----after-all all of us DID earn this with literally BLOOD,SWEAT, N TEARS.
In the meantime, I have a follow up with Dr. Lane in August so I'm gonna hit it hard before to get some good post op pics. Still---anything could happen. Bootys are so finicky.
Take care everyone, GodSpeed with your fluffing. I'll still be here, reading.
Where are you? New Booty Pics requested! Hope all is well... P. S. how is that inner thigh lipo healing.
How's it going. Have you found fluffing to be true? I did my bbl July 10 with Dr Smith also!
Still looking good! Happy for you.

Hey Yall!

I'm here at the office for my follow up. I haven't been posting bc NOTHING much has changed. I've cut weight n continue to get leaner. My butt is at 42. Im hiking, running 8 miles once a week-- not too much cardio, and weight training 4-5 times a week. I hardly measure or focus on it anymore bc I'll go back to being paranoid! Haha.....overall there is difference n I'm happy with it. Its weird bc people ask me what i do, or say how lucky i am. I just say thank you---they have no idea why trauma occurred to get to this point! Haha I'm just really grateful tho for the change bc BEFORE i was really self cconscious in the gym. The surgery has built my self confidence tremendously when wearing clothes---especially gym clothes and I love reshaping myself through intense exercise. I hope every one else is doing well. I will catch up and read some post later on. Thanks!
Nothing has changed booty- wise.....weight n muscle YES. LOL.....I didnt inner this time...2years ago i did. I had the top of the thighs this time. On is STILL slightly numb, but when I run or do some intense cardio it revives it a little bit more. So far....its all good! I've been unbelievably busy, but I'm gonna try an read people updates this week!

Better light.....

Girl you gotta PHATTY! Still jelly. Your abdomen look so lean too, you looking good. So what that man, talking bout?
Push ups n crunches! Lol...ughhhhh, I was throwing lines with bait, but he wasn't biting. Plus, i don't want to be TOO forward. He's Arabic....I was joking maybe he has an arranged marriage. Lol.... no. He's actually very "american-ized"..... plus if you didn't see his name you wouldn't even know he was Arabic. Ahhhh, sooo good looking, very intelligent and he's so nice too. But I've moved on. I think he has a gf. :o ( No other crushes at the moment.
Arab.... not Arabic. I got a new phone.

New phone pics

The resolution is brighter n closer.
You were right... Now there's a stem cell fat transfer, with better retention rates.
I'm gonna look it up. I think I'm gonna get fuller boobs in 2 years. I don't know why but I feel like ever since I got this surgery, my boobs got smaller!
Lol! Implants or fat transfer? That's funny cuz I just updated about how my boobs got bigger, lol.

Shrinky Shrinky...

Still cutting weight and the only fat that's disappearing (that I want) had come from my chest. Been looking at breast implants. I said I'd wait until I'm 40, but why not my 35 birthday in two years?!
For now, just building muscle and getting stronger.......
23.... Chileeeee! Pyt. (Exits stage left)
You look great. The projection you have i really like on you. I would request a bit more projection to fit my body frame. You have an amazing doctor

MORE weight loss?????

So I've been making progress with getting leaner and honestly. ..... I'm going slow on purpose bc A. I actually like the weight I'm at and B. I don't want to lose any weight in my butt.
I've lost a booty inch since my last month weigh along with 5lbs additionally from exercise, one being MY CHEST.
So my PT wants me to lose 6 lbs by next month.....Nuhhh uhhhhh! Her and I are gonna have a talk. I'm gonna meet the goal and if i see a difference in my hard earned money results,(bootie)--- I'm done and I go back to training for maintenance.
Unless a smaller frame gives the appearance of a bigger bottom.... I'm not dropping below 130 lbs.....
My goal was NEVER to be thin. ...it was to be lean, toned, and strong. How can I be that when I'm being knocked over by the wind!?
I love that black dress
Lol....I put 'em both back. .... I'm not comfortable in dresses.
Omg you put them back. You looked amazeballs, coulda bought them and held on to them until your comfortable in them.
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