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Back Story: As a child I never really had a...

Back Story: As a child I never really had a problem with my teeth, but I always noticed some teeth I said I wouldn't mind getting some work done to. Always was complemented on my smile, but when you got up close and personal you were able to see the imperfections. I was offered the option of either doing traditional braces or Invisalign, but my Ortho suggested Invisalign due to my heavily rotated canine teeth and a few others. So here I am ready to document the next 15 months. I have 32 uppers/29 lower trays.

Tray 1: (Tray 1) has been eventful to say the least. In total I have 12 attachment, seven on the top and five on the bottom. Initially when the Dr. put them in there was slight pressure but it went away. But holy smokes day 2 and 3 I literally wanted to rip them out of my mouth. I had some problems (and still do) with the aligners irritating the inside of my gums and bottom of my tongue by my lower teeth. Day 8, I made an appointment to visit my Ortho to see if he could shave down the spots causing irritation. It hasn't been fixed 100%, but it is 75% better than before the visit. I am not sure if this will go away eventually, or I will just deal for he next 15 months. Lord knows I hope not. I will be changing into tray 2 in the next 5 days.

More Pictures from Tray 1 along with Clincheck

Tray 2

I believe the anticipation of changing to Tray 2 was more painful than the actual tray. Lol! I put Tray 2 in on Wednesday night (6/11). When I first put them in, there was a little tightness but nothing out of the norm. The next day when I woke up in the morning, there was pressure but nothing like Tray 1. In the pain department I would say 0.5/10 and pressure department 5/10. No major movement so I won't post any pictures. But I am starting to get use to these trays. Let's see what Tray 3 bring. Two trays and thirty more to go.
Dr. Paul Bederson

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Great new views!  I didn't see the ClinCheck, though.  Is it a video or photos?  Video is less straightforward to post than photos as it requires that the videos be on a vid-sharing site (like YouTube) first.  I can walk you through it if you'd like :).
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Yes I have it, but it's in Windows media format so I don't know how to upload it. Lol! Please walk me through.
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Do you have a YouTube account?  Because the first step is to upload the video to a vid sharing site.  I have a separate YouTube account that I only use for RealSelf stuff, to keep it more anonymous, so you may want to set up a YouTube account like that.  Then uploading to YouTube is a cinch.  Let me know when you've gotten that far, and I'll help you with the rest :).
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The first trays are the worst. I am on tray 6 now and none of the trays have equaled the amount of pain I had with the first one nor the bouts of claustrophobia I also struggled with. Like you said I wanted them OUT! You will adjust though, I promise :) Shaving should help with the irritation or like 2+1 stated, some wax is always good. My mouth toughened up pretty fast so I never needed to do either of those things. Good luck on your journey! Excited to see what progress you make :)
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How many trays in did it take for you to get use to them?
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I think I was used to them by the second believe it or not. By the third and fourth its at the point that I actually forget that they're in at times :)
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Congratulations!  And yes, you'll get used to it.  Your mouth kind of toughens up.  But until then there are workarounds, like orthodontic wax, that you can place in the places that are irritating you the most.

Rotations are one of the most difficult things to address with Invisalign, so I'm not surprised that your treatment is relatively long, considering that your teeth are so straight already.  You'll be working on those canines long after the rest of your teeth are perfect, I'm guessing.  Do you have multiple attachments on those canines or just one each?

Have you met any of our other Invisaligners yet?  Here are some of our newer members, but feel free to look around and introduce yourself wherever you see fit! Klinden95, Crooky24, Sairisan, sarahmartin, Alignwithme, SugarKinesis, Mmapp1, FijiGNR89, Dante555, fi414, KaySanaY, Joliesmilerlt0723
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Hello! Thank you for welcoming me to the community! Yes, on both of my canines I have two attachments. These are the two teeth that hurt the most when pulling off the aligner the first few days. Invisalign will also be correcting my overbite, so I have a few things going on. Even though I am on Tray 1, I already can't wait for this whole process to be over. :-)
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No worries…things will get progressively easier, and then you'll hardly notice it anymore.  When you start getting closer to the end, then you'll likely start getting impatient again ;).

I look forward to following your progress!  Since you're working on an overbite, it might be useful to have a side-view of your teeth as well (profile).  It's not as important as in an overjet, but more views when you're trying to see progress is always good.  You should check out fightingthefear24's review.  He has lots of pictures so we can always see what's going on, and you can see which angles are most helpful for you :D.
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