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I am getting a 10 year old tattoo removed with the...

I am getting a 10 year old tattoo removed with the Aztanza laser, which supposedly is the only one that removes green and blue ink. It has faded substantially but is not completely gone. I'm really hoping this tattoo will go away. I just purchase 3 more sessions. My skin is scarring (discoloring and bumpiness) but I don't care about the scarring if the tattoo goes completely away. Anyone able to completely remove a tattoo?

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I added a before pic. Not a great pic but you can...

I added a before pic. Not a great pic but you can see the tattoo was really dark, part of the reason I didn't like. I have another tattoo that's older but I like it. If this tattoo doesn't come off I'm considering doing another one on top.


Thanks for posting the before picture, it helps us see where you started :)
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It does look significantly faded.  I'll be crossing my fingers that the scarring stays minimal!

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I went to my aesthetician to get a photo facial...

I went to my aesthetician to get a photo facial (not the same place as the tattoo removal) and she said that she doesn't think the laser for the tattoo removal is getting through the scar tissue. So she recommended we do a few laser resurfacing (pixel) treatments. She does this treatment for like acne scars, etc. I've done one treatment already and yesterday was the second treatment. It seems to smooth out the surface of my tattoo. Hopefully this will not only get rid of the bumpiness, but also help the laser for the tattoo removal get to the ink and break it down faster.


Hi Rosessun. Did you continue your resurfacing treatment with Pixel? How are the results so far? Because I had the same scarring problem after a tattoo removal but Fraxel didn't help to smooth out the skin and also the hypopigmentation.
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Do you think it scarred because she was too aggressive with the laser?
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They did turn the laser down for the first treatment, then increased it at the next treatments, so I don't really know. But I did read on here, comments from Doctors that the heat from the laser is so strong that it could scar your skin. Also, I think that I picked at the scab when it was about to come off and it appears that's where my skin is raised now. I also do have a tendency for keloids or hypertrophic scars.
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