Sugar Land, TX 45yo Considering Breast Reduction - Sugar Land, TX

Although always self-conscious, my breast "issues"...

Although always self-conscious, my breast "issues" got much worse a few years ago, whenI developed a rare endocrine tumor that caused a 70 lbs weight gain. I was a 44DDD. The tumor is gone and so is the excess weight, but, I only lost a few inches in the bust. At 5'6 and 130 lbs., I am currently a 34F and cannot find clothes that fit. If insurance will cover, I will get surgery and hope to be a 34 C or B.
My insurance denied me first time dont give up I filed a appeals and it was overturned in my favor they paid the whole bill I had to prove it was medical necessity GOOD LUCK
Thank you! I think I am within range because I am not overweight and yet I have these huge tatas. Was there a basis for denial and appeal? Did you need to prove yourself up with a lot of evidence? Thanks again!
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