It's about time!!!

I've always wanted perkier breasts. Even as a...

I've always wanted perkier breasts. Even as a teenager I wasn't happy with the way I looked. I've considered this procedure for many years but I didn't want a lollipop or anchor scar. After many years of searching, I've found Dr. Horndeski and I've decided to take the plunge! I'm excited and nervous...but I feel he is the best man for the job!

I'm also scheduled with Dr.H on October 15, I'm so excited!!!! I'm counting down the days!!!:)
Hey!! That's exciting!! Maybe we will cross paths! I'm excited as well!

May 9I'm concerned about some of the pleating and...

May 9
I'm concerned about some of the pleating and areolas I am seeing from the mini UBL and with being in Canada, I'm also concerned about the post-Op care I may need. Still doing my research and have gone back to the drawing board a little. If anyone has any insights, would be great to hear them. Thanks to the community for the photos and reviews - they are SO helpful when making such a big decision!

Going for full anchor and augment

I've decided to stick with the more traditional method of breast list surgery - with being in Canada, I don't want to travel to the States for the Horndeski procedure. Also, I like the appearance of the traditional lift and augment better - I'm not worried about the scars because they do fade and I scar and heal really well. Still haven't booked yet - but once I do, I'll let you all know and will post before and afters.
I think the pleating goes away with time, however for aftercare etc I think you are wise to stay close by! I had no problem going with a lift for the same reasons, I heal well and my scars fade nicely (the bonus of three c-sections, knowing how you heal!). They actually appear more red in photos than in person, the incision around my nipple is barely noticeable already. Good luck!
I agree! I actually prefer the look of the traditional style as I do more research...I think they look more lifted and perky (just a personal preference of course). You look fab! I know the scars will be barely noticeable in a year...worth it!!!

Pics added - surgery coming right up

Finally got the nerve to post some pictures. They actually look worse in the photos! Anyways, the countdown is on and I'm excited. I'll be getting the full anchor lift with 277 cc silicone implants below the muscle. I have another pre-op consult coming up in 2 weeks to make sure and a bunch of questions. I don't want to go bigger, I just want them to look perky and normal.

More details

Currently I'm a 34DD (saggy obviously). I am 5'6 and weigh 140 (its been a long summer) but normally I'm around 134. I'm back on a healthy diet to try and get back there. My PS recommended the full "wise pattern" anchor lift and implants below the muscle for upper pole fullness and he also said that I would need the full anchor if I wanted a the perkiness. He also said that below the muscle was the way to go. I am so looking forward to getting this done!
Good luck with getting your body back :)! I was a saggy 34E before, right now (a week after surgery) I wear the surgical/sports bra in size 36B. A little measure tape magic says though that nothing is changed, other than rearranged. The difference between then and now for the measurement at the breasts' widest point is less than 1 inch.
Thanks! Only a couple of weeks away!
Good luck on your journey. I had 3 bad days and been super happy and pain free since! And I agree...scars are no big deal. But good shape position and size were my main desires. Couldnt be happier!!! Good luck!

Pre-Op today!!

Well today is the day...for the pre-op anyways. Really excited! I'll let you know what is decided with the implant size. I'm thinking I'm going to stick with the smaller 277s. I tried them on and liked the way they looked...I really don't want to go bigger - even a bit smaller would be OK. So, I'll chat with him. I think ideally I would like to end up a perky D. I don't look at all like a DD now...its just skin I think.
I think you will be so much happier with your decision to do a traditional lift. The scars really do fade quickly. Best of luck to you!

Decided...300 ccs it is!

Well - my PS recommended the 300 cc moderate profile Natrelle silicone implant under the muscle (must confirm) for the look I want - which is basically a perky, full D/DD (same as I am now, but perky). The base of my breast is too small to accommodate much smaller of an implant if I want the lift/size that I'm after. I showed him some wish pics and he in turn showed me where my nipple would be, etc. I'm really excited!! He said it will take several weeks for them to look 'normal'. Initially the implants will be riding high on my chest wall and the lower part of my breast will appear flat until the implant drops in place. We tried on a bunch of different sizers, from 400 down.....the 300s looked good! He reminded me that he would removing some breast tissue so they wouldn't look quite as big as they did with the sizer., next update will probably be after Sep 26!!!!!
i think you'll be happy with the full anchor lift! not going to lie, i was disappointed when i was told i need an anchor lift... i thought i could get away with just a lollipop (if not the "donut" lift). However, i rather had that extra scar or two that will fade to get better results! The bottom incision is barely noticeable right now, and im sure the scar will fade to where unless you look directly under my boob you can't see it :-). i'm a lil skeptical of the "no scar lift" by the doctor in TX you mentioned. I seen a lot of the results come out extremely unnatural looking...... i would rather get the scar and have natural looking breasts rather than it look like someone inserted a jelly bean.
I think u will be happy with the 300s!
Me too!

Bronchitis?!??! FREAKING OUT!!!

So, my son sounds like crap - sounds like bronchitis. Don't know for sure, hubby is going to take him to the clinic today. BUT, I'm feeling some pressure on my chest and I'm totally panicking that I am getting it as well. Which would means its viral - so contagious...and I might get worse - My surgery is on THURSDAY!! What do you think???? Coughing is a big no-no post-op right? And, will they still operate if I've got a chest cold or bronchitis????
I know I was told being sick with anything less than 3 weeks prior to surgery was a big no-no! I had a cold a month before and barely passed standards to proceed. I hope you stay well, amp up your vitamins!!!
I have bronchitis too. I hope you don't get it. You must be so stressed right before your surgery. Fingers crossed you don't get it!!

3 days....sounds like I should be OK

Well...son seems to be doing better so likely just a cold, not bronchitis. Called the Dr. today and they told me that as long as I don't have an infection or a fever....then I should be good to go. I'm eating superfoods and drinking LOADS of water....wish me luck!
Glad to hear you won't have to postpone

Question for the ladies - how long until you could go out on errands?

Just wondering - if I get surgery on you think I can go out the following Wednesday to get my nails done? When did you start to feel up for going out for an hour or so?
Hi Girlie. I had to post seeing as though you are from canada eh! So am I!! Toronto to be exact. But i now live in Arizona. I am glad to hear that you are going to go with someone closer to you. I have been hearing scary things about this Dr. Horndeski dude. Be happy that you dont have to pay extra for blood work etc. too. Man I almost forgot how much I love my free health care. I have to pay for all of my prescriptions, pre-op work, blah blah know the rest. Anywho, I was just excited to see a fellow Canadian on here so I thought I would say Hello. And you surgery date is listed as Oct. 1st (which is the same as mine) but in your posts you said your going this thursday? I assume there is a difference because you switched doctors. Do you mind if I ask what doctor? I hope everything goes amazing for you!!! xoxo
I had my surgery on a thurs, and went back to work tuesday! you'll be fine to get your nails done wednesday =]
Same here! Thanks!

Postponed til nxt week!

Will keep you all posted!!
Mine s next week as well. It was suppose to be friday but got pushed back so im even mire anxious. Im so excited cannot wait for the new girls! I'm planning on a quick recovery... i have to im probably going back to work 4 days after.
I am hoping for a quick recovery as well!
Good luck!

Done and done!

Got my lift yesterday - I cannot get over the amount of pain I felt yesterday. Today I am starting to come around a little. I can't believe some of the ladies who were able to post photos on day 1...or even write! I will update with pics later but wanted to let you know I'm OK. :)

Day after surgery

I have to wear this for 48 hours and then can remove and shower (scared!).
Happy Healing!!
Everyday gets better! Hang in there!


I am absolutely loving my new girls!! They look GREAT - I feel great and I know once they drop and fluff they will be perfect!!!
Looking Good!!
They are perfect! Congrats!
They look perfect!!! Cant wait to see how they heal. How are you feeling? like are you still sore, can you pick things up, open doors?

Day 3.

Still feeling good. The medication is starting to make me feel a little gross. I either feel amazing or I feel sick so I need to start cutting back. Still really happy with my boobies! They are a bit uneven but I don't care because they still look great and let's face's day 3!!
The new girls look great! Congrats! Sending prayers for quick healing :)
they look amazing girl!
Thanks!!! I'm really excited!

10 Weeks

I thought I was closer to 8 weeks out....but I guess I was wrong, time flies! Anyways, I am LOVING my results!! If anyone is worried about the scarring - don't be. They fade and the overall look of the breast is so much nicer overall. I am happy to send photos privately - I needed to remove my photos for privacy reasons. Just do it!!
Dr. Awesome

Amazing experience - PM me if you want details :)

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