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I had Botox 12 days ago ,20un between the eyes and...

I had Botox 12 days ago ,20un between the eyes and I really do not notice much improvement I can still move the muscle and I can see the lines, I really believe I had been cheated for this dr how is not a plastic surgeon, this is a med spa, when I went to see him again he told to add 15 more un and of course I had to pay again, I did not do it because I think 35 units is to much for me I am 36 year old.
I agree there should be one charge! I think the PS that I go to says give it 1-2 weeks and if it's not good come back and I'll touch it up. I have a scar on my forehead and when I raise my brows the scar is more noticeable and Botox does wonders! Don't get discouraged hun, but next time go to a PS.
I don't think you should have had to pay for more. The phamplet I have on Botox (from the mfg. Allergan) has pictures showing the progression up to four months after the injections. It also looks like around day 7 it reaches it maximum effect. It did not last four months for me, but I did notice it was a few days before it fully kicked in with maximum effect. My dermatologist always tells me that if I'm not happy with the results @ 12 days, I am entitled to get another round of injections at no charge.
I am 29 and get 35 units in my forehead and between my eyes and it looks great. I can recommend a dr in Sugar Land if you are interested.
Dr Khalifa , Image medical and spa.

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