Works on my Light/med Colored Skin..will Need More Treatments Long Term - Suffern, NY

Package of 5 treatments for my bikini, inner...

Package of 5 treatments for my bikini, inner thighs, & belly. I am mixed-race with light/med colored skin. I'd suffered with excess hair AND ingrowns with hyperpigmentation. The laser did produce some hyperpigmentation but it fades very quickly....not like that caused by ingrown hairs.

The laser intensity had to be reduced b/c of my skin color, but I've had no hair between treatments. I completed 5 treatments last year...about 3-4 months after my last treatment, everything grew back with the same ferocity. I need more treatments than the average fair-skinned persons. I can live with that as long as I can go weeks and months w/o hair.

It's been a quality-of-life issue for me, and so I'm willing to make the investment. My derm recommended this laser, but I found a friendly technician to treat me so it is much more affordable.


Hey do you mind me asking what's your skin type and what setting did the tech use on you? I am going to start treatment soon and I am a skin type 4 and I am worried about being undertreated or burning.
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Hi Swirl,

I'm glad you found something that works so well for you. Does the laser cause any pain? Did I read correctly that your hair stays away for 3-4 months? That would be awesome. Please keep us updated.

Thanks so much for the review,


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Oh yeah...there was pain. There are def some sensitive over the tendons going into the groin...and I my body would literally jump off the table. But overall, it was just a really annoying rubberband-snapping sensation.

My hair took 3-4 months to grow back ONLY AFTER I had completed 5 treatments. I should have gone for more. Fast forward 1 year later to now, I've made the decision to go longer. Now instead of just the bikini, I'm getting the brazilian/lower belly/inner thighs treated. I'm going to do this right, and I'm just going to have to cough up the change to make it happen. Without the treatment, the hyperpigmentation (from old ingrowns) is just way too embarrassing to leave to my own devices.

Immediately after I started this treatment, my...

Immediately after I started this treatment, my laser center switched from GentleLase to Yag. So much better. No burns, no hyperpigmentation at all. I am absolutely thrilled with my results.


I believe I am a 3...closer to a 4. The ndyag laser will not burn. Hurt you...YES...but no burns. You just get raised bumps on your skin, which is a sign that it's working. After 10 minutes the bumps are gone and you can't even tell you were lasered. (I used to get the Candella laser and that baby would scar me badly. It would leave a matrix of black/blue laser circles all over my skin. I cried all summer). The pain is awful. It only lasts a split second after the laser hits you, but problem is that the laser is barely a square inch and so it hits for over and over and over and over. I have cried. I almost threw up one time. But the results are fantastic. No hair---no ingrowns---for at least 2 months between treatments. When it does start to grow in, there's no rush bc the hair is very fine (and light, even!). There are a lot of factors at hairy you are, your hair color, your skin color. I am light/medium, black hair, and I was a BEAST down there. I've been doing this for 2 years, and so it took a while to get to this point....much longer than most. Now I have baby smooth, blemish-free, scar-free skin down there....I can wear any swimsuit or shorts that I want!! The center that I go to is lovely, very professional, very affordable, and most importantly they use the laser that should be used for non-white skin.
Yikes that sounds awful! Glad you are happy though! Thanks for the detailed reply :D
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