The zoom whitening is great! I don't have a...

The zoom whitening is great!

I don't have a single complaint! I think most people expect that they will feel no pain during the procedure. Of course your gonna feel something; there shooting lasers in your mouth for an hour! You guys need to get over it!!!

I had mine done today at 1:00 P.M. and I still feel it but I'm at work and doing just fine.

My advice.. Do the procedure, pop a pain killer, and suck it up!!

My teeth are whiter than ever and also got a bleaching kit that my dentist provided.

Dr. Meadows

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OMG you people are ridiculous. That is what pain killers are for. When you have PAIN!!! If you dont want to take medicine then dont complain about the pain. The website say you will experience low sensitivity (but of course everyone is different). IT does not say it is painless.
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Clients should NOT have to experience pain nor burned lips much less take a script narcotic as you suggest to whiten your teeth. Zoom is marketed as PAINLESS. What part about that do you not respect when others have reported such instances?
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Perhaps the person in Roswell who gave the rave review works for my dentist. The dentist who never told me there would be pain - in fact said there is NO PAIN. You cant just pop a painkiller. Those are NARCOTICS. If you have to take a NARCOTIC for a painful procedure that is marketed and sold as PAINLESS then its BS.
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