I had fraxel laser on my old, old stretchmarks and...

I had fraxel laser on my old, old stretchmarks and it didn't help at all! Paid almost $6,000. It was painful and not worth the money.

Will mederma or bio oil help with old stretchmarks? There is a site regarding stretch marks and that says massaging will fade new and old stretch marks- is that true?

Try raw shea butter and olive oil mix, you must melt down shea butter first add olive oil let sit, add more olive if it's not creamy enough. Then get ambi fade cream. Use in the morning and one at night.
Hey wish I would have responded sooner. I know how horrible stretch marks can be - I've been dealing with them since I was a teenager. Anyway I have found a few things that work. The first is genes skin care. It seems kind of shady on the internet and I skipped it a few times and then out of desperation order what she has. Its not a cream but a method of messaging dead layers of skin away to reduce stretch marks. It really helped. I've also taken it a step further and used rough sponges to get rid or top layer of skin. That has helped. Another thing is Captiva sm. use the treatment and this together and you should get good results. One more thing, once the stretch marks fade and they will (just not disappear as we would like) use a self tanner regularly. This helps to
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No initial skin test done, technician in a rush to get you to sign papers, was told fraxel will help -she lied.

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