Double Mastectomy in 1993 W/toxic SBIs from Implants

Had a mastectomy in 1993 of both breasts...

Had a mastectomy in 1993 of both breasts w/failed/toxic SBIs attached & age 35.

I have leared that proteins accumulate on the surface of silicone/silicone breast implants and other silicone devices after they are in the human body... the incorporate the scientific truth that protein excesses are common in many diseases (I have listed these on, primarily those that stimulate the human immune response...breast feeding was/is just extra "hits" on top of the variants of key genes being exerted/turned on.

When are plastic surgeons/BI companies going to HLA-type all SBI patients to better
understand the variants of key genes that are being exerted/turned on by the chemical adjuvancy of breast implant lot numbers?

I have posted enough on and go read the posts if you have not already.
This is about upholding one's oath of First, do no harm and people are not going to trust the Division of Plastic Surgery if they don't start telling the general population the real truth.

Even physicans/doctors look at my medical records and our HLA-typing result & have stated THE BREAST IMPLANTS ARE THE CAUSE of our ill health, not our genetics.

I so agree with you. Just had implants removed May 2009, had staph infection in chest cavity, and still trying to recover. I have since found that all of my illnesses have been related to these old implants. So funny the insurance company wouldn't pay to have them removed but they paid thousands and thousands of dollars out for test on all the problems that I was having. Since the removal of implants I have been pain free of my other ailments. I am just trying to get over the surgery and infection. Should have done this years ago. The word needs to be out about implants that they are not for life. When you start having a lot of health problems that should send a red flag that they could be the cause. When I would ask prior Dr.'s (before finding one to listen) they looked at me as if I was a purple monster. Let's quit treating the system and find the problem! Sincerely, S. Chandler
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Breast implants should be black box and the FDA is broken and buckled under to industry. The end result of medical harm done to humanity will catch up with the Art of Medicine just like what has happened with our failing medicine will be hurting because of the lies they have allowed to happen.

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