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Stop!! Don't Do It!! Total Joke!!

I looked great for 2 months. After 4 months you...

I looked great for 2 months. After 4 months you couldn't even tell I had anything done. At first my skin looked refreshed but it didn't take long for that to go away. The nurse said it would "buy me 5 years of collagen" - ummm... yeah right. She also said it could take up to 6 months to see the full results - ummmm....yeah right. So I called her after 8 months to tell her that I wasn't happy. Her reponse? "I have some patients who come in every year for it. Maybe you should come in for another treatment" - ummmm... yeah right.

Total waste of money! JOKE!

Nova Cosmetic Center - Jan Karlin, MD work performed by Beth

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I must acknowledge what averis says. We were invited to a birthday meal from a friend. We have seen she after more than 1 year. She had a (IPL i think) laser treatment 2 or 3 y ago. Now she looks gaunty and her skin looks old. We think the heat of the laser is the reason. Our bad Thermage results are also to be led back on overheating. The fat loss is like cancer in our tendency. We cannot stop ist und its unpossible or very difficult to repair it. That the old problem that Dr. Bassichis discribed in 2004.
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Not worth the $. The first 24 hours it looked like a miracle. Everyone noticed "something" but within a few days it was all gone, its been 4 months now and there is not a hint of difference than before I had it originally done. Funny, the doctor who said we will monitor the results and update photos, is now dissapeared. Hmmmm, I feel ripped off.
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To the interesting report of Onewickedhoe I want to add a further strange fact. From a beauty clinic in Germany we were informed that Thermage can create "irregularities" of the skin and so a lot of patients accept additional fillers!....
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Stay the hell away from any heated instrument on your face. I had a rf treatment from The Best "top doctor" in the country, who's nurse burned me using the "safe" version. The results... the irregulrities are SCARS stuck to the muscle where the fat was melted out. All over my face and chin, neck, etc. My face is beyond a joke...and they don't tell you the lasers can burn your oil glands from your eyes resulting in bad eye issues. Yes, i now know. DO NOT DO IT. I can even send you photos of it.
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I would like to see photos. Thermage tries to hide that this can happen.
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I had very different results. Sorry yours did not work. It has been 5 months and just yesterday I had someone who I have not seen in a while just stare at me and comment on how good I looked. She didn't know that I had the procedure. It is subtle, not a face lift and exactly what I was looking for.
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