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I used Latisse 1 time in the evening after washing...

I used Latisse 1 time in the evening after washing my face as directed in the instructions. The product is packaged in a 3 ml bottle with 60 brushes (1 for each eye for each application - only 1 drop/application). The next morning my eye lids and area below brow were a dark RED color - my husband noticed immediately. I discontinued using the product and my lids returned to normal after 3 days. I don't have unusually sensitive skin or eyes. A total waste of $130 for me.

Received refund from Allergan Inc.

Just want to share that I contacted Allergan about my reaction to Latisse. (Dark redness eye lids following one application.) I was interviewed briefly over telephone and told to mail my receipt to Irvine, CA office. A few weeks later, I received a full refund.
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Thanks for sharing.  I've never heard of a reaction like that, did you talk to whoever prescribed it to you to see what they thought? 

I looked at this Doctor Q&A and based on the answers it sounds like some people do have some redness as a reaction, although yours sounds much more extreme.

Such a bummer to be out all that money!

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